June 21, 2024

CEU summer camps expect increased attendance

This archived article was written by: Sam McGinnis

With the school year coming to an end, the sports seasons are only beginning to prepare for next year’s competition.
The College of Eastern Utah has been providing summer camps for high school students from all over the state of Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and Wyoming.
The six main camps that are being offered women’s basketball, men’s basketball, women’s volleyball, soccer, and cross country. These camps begin at the end of May, after most high schools graduate.
Respectable coaches in the regions of sports that they coach, are invited to be the instructors of the selected camps.
For example, Coach Dave Paur will be run the girl’s basketball camp, Coach Brian Zollinger the boy’s basketball camps and Coach Brent Martindale the volleyball camps. There are a few coaches from Idaho and Utah coming to CEU to help teach some of these camps.
Along with the major six programs being offered, a new football camp will be coming to CEU so that high schools can prepare for their next year’s season.
Coach Martindale commented that this camp is more like a skill camp more than anything else.
Already, there have been four schools signed up to attend this camp, with more schools looking to attend.
Another new camp is a Converse basketball camp, which will follow immediately after the football camp.
These camps are typically $165 to $195 per player that signs up for the camp. This fee includes three great meals a day, housing, and a spectacular facility to play and train on.
Now, if residents of Carbon or Emery counties come to the camps, they are given different prices, generally because they live close enough to the campus that they do not need to provide housing for those students.
As Paur explained, there is usually a $40 stiffen per player that is given to the coaches who bring the students to the camps.
All of the coaches at CEU definitely agrees on the great opportunity these camps gives CEU. Not only does it earn CEU a few extra dollars, but they find it to be a great recruiting opportunity. This is, according to Coach Martindale, one of the biggest benefits of the camps.
Aside from the athletic camps that are offered, CEU has also arranged to have a choir camp, with an estimated 80 students to attend.
Also, there are three separate LDS youth conferences with up to 200 students in attendance, which will be a great for them because of the housing and food so close to the campus.
Major universities are also sending their students to CEU to do research. Penn. State University and Fort Haze State are sending about 20 students to research the geology of the surrounding area. They will also be able to use the labs and any other facility needed for their research.
And, as always, UDOT will be having seminars in the facilities as well.
All summer long, the College of Eastern Utah will be a busy environment with many camps and conferences that are available.
It has been said that they are booked up from the end of May clear until the week before school is back in session for the 2004-2005 fall semester on August 16.