July 22, 2024

Gay marriages should not be legal according to my book

This archived article was written by: Robert L. Morton

Many reasons can be discussed why the legal rights, benefits and responsibilities of civil marriage should not be extended to same-sex couples. Not for a minute do I believe that we should pass such a heinous law as to allow same-sex couples to marry. To advocate gay marriage is to put a stamp of approval on a practice that society has considered evil and perverted from the beginning of time, and criminal behavior up to the present.
Marriage has always been and should always remain a sacred union between a man and woman. This is the way it was intended from the beginning. After all, doesn’t life really revolve around the family unit with two parents: a loving mother and father. Aren’t children more properly nourished under the sanctity of a good and loving home with proper parents to guide and teach? I believe so.
According to an article by Peter Sprigg in the March 31 issue of Family Research Council and “Is Marrage in Jeopardy” by Glen T. Staton from Focus on Social Issues. The studies seem fairly conclusive, married couples do better in almost every aspect of well-being. Married people live longer and live happier lives; their physical and mental health is on the average far better, they recover from illnesses much faster, earn more money and are better employees. Children that have a mother and father in the home have far fewer physical and emotional problems and are better in many intellectual and academic developments. They are kinder to each other and get into less trouble at school and with the law. Children that come from married families are less likely to use drugs or become involved in violent behavior or premarital sexual activity or childbearing. They are also less likely to come from homes of poverty or be victims of physical or sexual abuse. Children that come from a home with a married mother and father have far less troubles than those that do not. Imagine the problems that would result for a child adopted into a home with a same-sex couple. I am afraid they would be enormous. I can only imagine the emotional abuse the child would suffer, and then what about the sexual abuse? Who is to say that sexual abuse will not occur, after all, they do live in a home with sexually perverted homosexual, so called parents, living outside the law and engaging in what is considered, illegal sex.
Some may argue that parents of the same-sex can support, care for and nourish the children every bit as much as any other couple. How can this be so when they are setting an example of unnatural sex acts between two people of the same sex? How can you teach a child of the beautiful bond that can be had between a man and a woman when you do not practice the sacred union of marriage and family yourself? How can you teach the adopted child the beauty and love that is shared in a natural family in having a child of your own. Gay couples cannot give birth to their own children. It is not man’s law but a law of nature and if so, why in the world do we fight so hard against the natural laws of God. I wonder what else would be classed as acceptable behavior in the home if we were to allow same-sex marriage. What else will be going on under the roof of that home? Will they then take it upon themselves to say it is okay or acceptable to begin having sex with children? Will they allow children to experience sex amongst themselves? Would there be no boundaries? I am afraid that gays do not share my natural concern for them or the children. Their morals and values are without a doubt far different from those of a heterosexual household. I do not believe that a child raised in a gay home has anywhere near the chances that a child raised in a heterosexual home would have. There would be few things that would resemble a normal functioning happy home as if you had a mother and father there beside you. You would have no guidelines in sexual behavior; everything goes. You would have no father to teach you the ways of a man, and no mother to teach you the ways of a woman. Equally, the respects would not exist. You simply would have no mother nor father, for neither one really would exist, They would just simply be same sex parents with no identity of their own.
If we were to legalize gay marriage, one of the next things you would see happen, that no one seems to take into account, is the impact it will have on our children. If we adopt or accept gay marriage as the law of the land, we will in essence, tell our children that it is equivalent to heterosexual marriage. Many changes would begin to take place in our schools. New textbooks would be introduced to our children showing same-sex couples as role models. New sex education classes would be introduced to our children, presenting a whole new variety of sexual alternatives to our little Tommys and Jills. Of course, they would be taught that abstinence until they decide whether they are interested in heterosexual or homosexual preference is probably best. Because pregnancy is always a risk for heterosexuals, homosexual experiences could be a wonderful alternative with far less complications and responsibilities unless we want to start talking about health problems and disease, but why spoil all the fun?
Of course, you have to remember that after same-sex marriage is legalized, to try to deprive your children of any of these new teachings that would be “forced” upon them in our schools would be a violation of the schoolchildren’s rights, would be considered discrimination and the American Civil Liberties Union and Lambda Legal Defense Fund would be happy to see your discriminating and conservative little butt in court, and don’t think they wouldn’t. I imagine about this time the private school system would flourish. We would have more private schools than you can shake a stick at because I know there are by far more responsible adults, “real mothers and fathers” that will not want to subject their children to anymore of the perversion that is quickly growing like rancid decay around us. Same sex marriage: I wonder what this world is coming to when they can take a sacred union between a man and a woman, that special bond that creates and promotes life, and defile it by making a homosexual relationship equal to it, rights and all.

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    Reading Robert Morton’s diatribe against — I’m not sure what — gay marriage? new textbooks? non-traditional families? — sadly reminds me of how narrow some people understand the debate over gay marriage to be. What Mr. Morton does not consider is how a heterosexist norm does not automatically promote the family. I would much rather raise a child in a loving household with myself and my lesbian partner than have another child left unloved in an abusive household. A household is not sactified becasue it is heterosexual; it is sanctified becasue the love which the family members share brings each person closer to their true being and to their God. I find it sad that Mr. Morton’s narrow view does not understand that support of children — and not mere regulations about how a person is to be — is the key to raising a family.

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