July 20, 2024

Emotions as a result of college

This archived article was written by: Tiffany Pusatello

Not to long ago, many College of Eastern Utah students found themselves moving into dorm rooms getting ready for a new year. Along with preparing for school comes the extreme stress of the big move. While some people are lucky enough to get it all out of the way at once, others drive for hours with their family or friends trying to get to Price.
As a freshmen, all of this was a new experience for me. Between moving out on my own for the first time and dealing with my stressful group of friends all day long, by the time I got to my dorm, I thought I was ready for everyone to leave so I could hide in my room.
However, I actually got to my room and received my key I didn’t want them to go. I was now 100 percent on my own and didn’t know a soul in Price. As I was unpacking everything, trying to find spots for all my stuff in my tiny dorm room, I came across a picture of three of my closest friends from high school on yearbook day. They were all sporting goofy faces while sitting in one of our favorite places to eat. My eyes filled with tears.
As of that point I knew I was all on my own. Then I heard a very familiar voice ask for me. I walked out of my room and saw a friend from Salt Lake. I don’t think I have ever been so excited to see another human in my entire life.
I have come to realize that not one person is entirely on their own when it comes to feelings. College is all about learning new things educationally, as well as in life itself.
I firmly believe that people need to stop once in a while and realize that feelings are important and are something that should never be entirely hidden. I can think of many people who have sat in dorm rooms full of tears because at some point, all of your feelings come crashing down. There is not a single thing wrong with shedding a tear.
I’m entirely new to the whole college life, but think that when it comes to the feelings, and stress it’s the same as high school. Everyone has troubles, everyone has feelings, and in 19 years, I have found if you refuse to feel anything bad, you’re going to get nowhere. College is full of millions of mixed emotions; it’s a part of life. Sometimes I have found myself wondering why the human mind works the way it does. Why is the human mind so fragile? I could look for a complicated answer from my social psychology professor, but probably won’t get me far. As the year slowly presses on, I hope to learn a lot about others and myself. This is a time when we learn about sacrifice more than anything. A time for so many things and hopefully a time for great things.