December 2, 2023

Hanson Perkins

This archived article was written by: Jennifer Jarrett

Hanson Perkins decided to play baseball for the CEU Golden Eagles when, “they made him an offer he couldn’t resist, plus heard that it was one of the most fun colleges in the West.” Perkins comes from a family of four, having two older sisters and one younger sister. He is the only son of David Perkins and Sherri Johnson who call Blanding, Utah home.
Perkins began his baseball career as a young boy, “My dad got me started when I was five. He noticed that I was left handed and he decided to start developing my skills. I look up to my dad because he has gone through so much in life but is a better and stronger man for it. One day I would like to be at least half the man he is,” said Perkins.
He has played ever since then, including pitching for San Juan High School. Graduating in 2003, Perkins favorite part of playing for CEU has been his teammates. He said they are all “awesome buddies. They are great players and amazing support.” Coach Scott Madsen decided to bring Perkins to CEU after hearing only good things about him. He watched him play and thought he would fit in well with the team and on campus. “He had a lot of skill and I think that he is only getting better. He is a player with an attitude every athlete should have. He knows what he wants to do and goes for it.” Perkins favorite part of playing so far has been “taking two straight games from SLCC.” Perkins is most looking forward to playing Dixie this season, saying, “I want to pay them back from the last time we met.”
Perkins is a person that gets along with everyone. His teammates all commented of not only his playing skills but also his fun demeanor. At one game against Dixie Hanson was “drilled in the belly by a line drive and it dropped him good.” He is willing to laugh at himself and have fun with others.
Shad Romrell, his teammate said, “Hanson is an excellent ball player and a fun teammate. He gets along with everyone on and off the team. He works and plays his hardest all the time and really lifts our team.”
The most important thing he has learned has been, to take responsibility for everything that he has have control over. “That has helped me the most as I have played.” Perkins said, “The team is going to do really good this year. We are going to give everyone a run for their money.”
Perkins is unsure of his major for now but would like to attend the University of Missouri and would love to play baseball there.

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