September 25, 2022

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
I would like to bid farewell to the wonderful College of Eastern Utah. CEU has shaped me and has done so much for me. I would like to let you all know what a privilege it has been to come to CEU and serve you. I have spent the last 2 years of my life here and I would not change any of it for anything. I have learned how to love, live and just be me.
CEU is the best-kept secret. You will never find another place like CEU. Here at CEU the atmosphere is welcoming, kind and friendly. The people, community, faculty and staff make you feel like you are an individual and not just another number.
CEU offers many chances to get involved and to make a name for yourself. I am so thankful that I made the friends I did and got to know most of you on an individual basis.
If I could give any advice to those people leaving CEU, it would be to take the many lessons, friendships and memories that you developed at CEU. Also, remember who you are and what you stand for. CEU has definitely raised the bar and it will be hard for others schools to reach the expectations that we received from CEU.
I want to thank all of the people, faculty and staff that I have got to work with. I am going to miss being called by name and having everything within 5 minutes walking distance. I am also going to miss all of the clubs. I have had a marvelous privilege of being Inter-Club-Council vice president for 2003-2004. This year at one time, we had 44 active clubs and broke many records from the past years.
My last words for CEU are: it is better to be hated for who you are, to be loved for someone you’re not. Get involved. I will miss the College of Eastern Utah and the wonderful people who have helped shape me. Thank you everybody for everything and I will miss CEU.
Rebecca Coster
Tooele, Utah

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