February 26, 2021

Radio station changes name & call numbers

Have you heard The Edge?
So, you moved to Price, hit the valley and immediately pushed the station search on your car radio. You found nothing?
On the campus of the College of Eastern Utah you have an on-air option for getting your radio fix, campus information, and a chance to mock or praise your classmates for their on-air presence. It is found at 107.9 on your FM dial and 1610 on your AM dial.
Starting its third year at CEU, 107.9 The Edge is back with a face-lift and new music. According to Troy Hunt, the station advisor, “We have invested in a weekly music service to help keep the station as current as any of the commercial stations on the Wasatch Front. With our primarily alternative format, we provide a content service not to be found on this side of the mountains. Students who listen to X-96 or 107.5 The End will find much to appreciate in our format. We are also adaptive to other audiences and will be offering specialty shows that play music out of the station’s normal formatting.” These specialty programs will be announced on the station and in The Eagle.
The station exists primarily as a student training facility. Other than Hunt’s roll as advisor, all station jobs are staffed by students. Currently, there are 16 students working with the station. These students are the DJs that you can hear daily from approximately 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Students who wish to get involved with the station must take COMM 1560, radio production. In this class the skills necessary for effective on-air production are discussed and practice opportunities given. This course is taught both fall and spring semesters this year.
Campus events can be promoted using this tool. Hunt says, “If your club or organization wishes to reach the listenership of the station, you need to send information about the event two weeks or more ahead of the event to myself at the college. We will then produce spots that will air on the station promoting that event.”
The Edge is an unlicensed station that abides by the provisions found in Part 15 of section 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations. This allows for educational entities to offer noncommercial services on campus. The station was designed with the restrictions of this law, but the goal is to seek a license from the Federal Communications Commission at the earliest opportunity. The FCC is currently not accepting applications for noncommercial educational stations, but as soon as they open a filing window, an application will be submitted to the Commission.
One of the things The Edge will be offering throughout the year to students will be sponsored concerts. The first of these will be the return engagement of Peter Nevland and Paul Finley on November 12. More information and a sample of their music will be heard on The Edge as the date of the concert approaches. Other concerts will follow throughout the year.
The DJs at the station are also available to provide music services at club functions and stomps. For information about this service, representatives of groups need to contact Hunt at 613-5668.
It is the goal of The Edge to become a part of CEU student’s daily lives. A telephone number for requests will soon be available. Listen to the station for that number. It will be your opportunity to have input into the station’s format.

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