February 24, 2021

After almost two decades, Wood Hill to be lit with CEU letters

This archived article was written by: Carlie Golden

Do you ever wish CEU had more school spirit? That concept is what Daniel Wood and the executive board are working on. They want to put the 8-ft CEU letters up on the hill for all of Carbon County residents to see. They started this project in April and hope to have it done by the middle of October 2004.
The board is “putting in the work to make it happen” said Wood. Many past presidents and boards have thought about doing it, but never looked into the cost or really did anything else besides think about it. The board is trying to put it back up on the hill to bring the school together. They feel that the CEU has school spirit, but that having our name up on the hill for the community to see would be a lot better and promote unity among students.
The CEU letters will be going up on the hill before Halloween. This way we will have it for all of the basketball and the end of volleyball season.
The reason this was not finished sooner was because the price of steel has been changing so often that they could never get a correct amount for the cost. The board as of September 13th, has purchased the steel and the project is waiting to be approved by the county. After the county approves the work to be done, the project will soon be underway.
Some may be wondering, “what is this for?” The main idea is just to represent the college and to try and get CEU’s name out there. Also, to let people passing through the area know that there really is a college in Price.
Brett Coombs, vice president of academics said, “The CEU on the hill will be there to represent the school as well as the community.” This will help the community know what is going on around campus, they will know to come and see what we having going on the nights when the CEU is lit up.
The letters will be 4-feet across and 8-feet high. It will not just have the letters CEU but it will also have the head of an eagle below it, showing the school mascot. Therefore the total size in the end will be 15-feet across and 30-feet high. This will also be lit so that the community will be able to see it at night.
When the project is finished, the board is hoping to plan a ceremony to light the CEU for the first time. All the students, faculty, staff and community will be invited. “This will be the day to show the students that we have pride and to show that pride to the community” said Coombs.
If any students have any questions or concerns, please contact any member of the executive board or a member of ASCEU. “This will be something that will last and will truly help bring unity and school spirit to our great campus,” commented Wood.

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    thank you dainal as me and my frends have bluted this sing from the weld shop and it makes this campes looking good and sould stay that way

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