June 18, 2021

Month: October 2004

SUN Center’s Trick-or-treat for food

For the past seven years, CEU students have donned their Halloween costumes for an evening and covered
Price, collecting food to be donated to the Carbon County Food Bank. Called “Trick or Treat for Food” the
students collect an average of 11 tons of canned food that night. According to Kathy Murray, SUN Center
director, the local food bank counts on CEU’s annual canned goods drive to help those in need. Students
should meet in costume in front of the Bookstore in the JLSC on Saturday, Oct. 30 at 4 p.m They will be

French manuscript illustrator to lecture

CEU is hosting Richard Leray, a master manuscript
illuminator from Fontevraud l’Abbaye, France from 1-4
p.m. on Nov. 2 in the JLSC Alumni Room. The lecture is
in two parts and is free and open to the public.
Illumination, an ancient art form that dates to the
Egyptians, was used to decorate and elucidate handwritten
books with luminous colors. Stencil illumination is a
technique developed by illuminators at the onset of the
printing press to replicate illuminated works.
This book art form died out in the early 18th century.
Revitalized in the last 20 years, illumination exquisitely

Maintaining academic integrity is new vice president’s goal

CEU named a new provost and vice president of
academic affairs, Mike King, who started in his new
position on July 1. King has a bachelor’s and master’s
degree in zoology from Brigham Young University
and a doctorate from Utah State University in wildlife
sciences. He started his career at CEU in 1996 as a life
science instructor and named the dean of arts and
sciences where he has served the past four years.
King’s new duties include “Maintaining academic
integrity.” He oversees the academic programs at CEU
and makes sure that the school offers the necessary

Titanic explorer talks about the treasure found on the bottom of the sea

Titanic expert Mark Lach spoke at
CEU on Thursday, October 22 in the
alumni room as part of the exhibit at
the Utah Museum of Natural History,
at the Annex, ZCMI Center in Salt
Lake City. He also spoke to Mont
Harmon and Helper junior high
Lach spoke of the tragedy of Titanic
and of items recovered from the
ocean floor surrounding it. Contrary
to what one might believe, resources
are not allowed to remove items from
the ship itself, partly to preserve the
sanctity of the final resting places of
the people aboard the Titanic who did
not make it off the ship alive. All

Utah’s higher ed scores higher in preparation; lower in participation & affordability

Higher Education in the state if Utah received an A in
preparation, C+ in participation, C in affordability, B in
completion and B in benefits from the Measuring Up
2004, the national report card on higher education.
Prepared by the National Center for Public Policy and
Higher Education, the organization is an independent,
nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. It is not affiliated
with any government agency, political party, college or
university. Its purpose is to stimulate public policies that
will improve the effectiveness and accessibility of higher

Gibby “the rock” finally gets new resting place

Where is Gibby?
One of the most famous rocks in
Carbon County has been missing all
year. The construction has moved
many things around these past months
and one thing that has yet to be returned
is Gibby. This year Gibby has
been sitting up on Durrant Field all
alone, but soon ASCEU plans to give
our beloved rock a new home at the
completion of the construction.
For those who are wondering what
Gibby is, the rock has been on CEU
campus for many years. It is the one
thing on campus that you can paint
any color you want at anytime and not
get into any trouble.

CEU’s loan default rate drops

College of Eastern Utah’s cohort loan default rate from the Department of Education on Federal Student Loans dropped to 5.3 percent. That’s lower than Snow College and Dixie State College who stand at 6.4 percent and 7.4 percent, respectively. Salt Lake Community College was two-tenths of a point less than CEU with a 5.1 percent default rate.
CEU’s default rate was 7.7 percent in 2001, 7.4 percent in 2000 and 6.2 percent in 1999.

Alumna hired to assist in admissions/scholarships

This year, several new faces are on the campus at the College of Eastern Utah. One of the new faces happens to be the new office assistant in the office of admissions and scholarships, Corina Poole; a Price native. She has accepted the job and says that she loves it.

Athlete Spotlight

A 5-foot-10 inch lady able to touch the rim, now that is what some people would call “hops.”
The College of Eastern Utah has a lady athlete that can do just that. Her name is Megan Hunsaker, or as her volleyball teammates call her, Gracie.
Hunsaker came all the way from Alaska to join CEU’s volleyball team, and she didn’t stop there. Because Hunsaker has been playing basketball since second grade, she decided to play that sport as well.