September 25, 2023

Campus recruiter has bright hopes for Eastern Utah’s future

This archived article was written by: Kelsie Knudsen

There is a small chance that you may have had the opportunity to see this guy’s face around campus, but if you have you are among the lucky few. The reason behind all of this is Spencer Childs, working as admissions counselor/ high school recruiter is gone all week long promoting CEU to high school seniors all around the state and Nevada.
Childs grew up in Mapelton, Utah ,with his three brothers and two sisters. Growing up in a small town has helped him come to love Price and the small community. He not only loves Price, but loves CEU for the people and the focus that the professors have on their students. “I have never been to any other college that has such focus on the students and their success. Everyone here is looking out for the students and all the staff has the students best interest at heart.”
He is a proud graduate of Brigham Young University with a bachelor’s degree in American Studies. For the past five years he has been employed by UVSC working in the computer labs as a Technical Support Specialist. Spencer loves computers, but he is definitely not a computer nerd. He likes many other things such as fishing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, mostly anything out doors, photography and music, but bottom line is that he is just a family guy!
“I am excited to be here and represent the school. I really want to get CEU’s name heard. It is a great place to come and get an education and have fun doing it!” If you have any questions about Spencer feel free to take a walk up to the admissions and scholarship office in the Student Center to meet him.

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