July 23, 2024

The Conservative Corner

This archived article was written by: LeWayne Snow

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another issue of the Conservative Corner. I am your radical right winger.
I have a question: what is freedom of religion? What were the Pilgrims thinking about when they came to this new world? Hopefully that they may have the right to pray however or to whomever they pleased?
Why did the forefathers fight so hard and so diligently to free our nation from the oppressive-English monarchy that tried once again to control these people?
Why would they build the foundation of our nation under the sovereignty of God?
We don’t know what these people were thinking when they courageously set forth to accomplish the goals they had. We do know how they did it and what it has done for this great nation.
Today the principals our forefathers used to set up our nation is under attack. In the beginning of our nation, government acknowledged God and the blessings he gave to this nation.
They had a prayer before every meeting, it didn’t matter whether it was a Protestant, Catholic or any other religion, it only depended on the person saying the prayer.
We all say we wish government was as honest and humble as it was back in those days, those days when a man’s word meant something.
It was almost as if our nation and its government couldn’t make a wrong turn. We were quickly becoming the most powerful and richest nation on Earth.
Today things are a little different. People our becoming less trustworthy, primarily our government. It doesn’t matter if you are a member of the Republican, Democrat, Green or even the Prohibition party, you will find cold and corrupt people. What is the difference between then and now?
One you might say is that God has been forced out of any public view, prayer is illegal if said in front of any one of the five percent of this country who is atheist and are ” offended” by you trying to impose your religion on them.
Tell me because obviously I don’t know. I always thought this was a free country and you should be able to say and believe what you want. Whatever happened to free speech?
It has been said to me that religion takes away your freedom and you are not able to do what you want, religion oppresses nations with one belief system.
People! This is true in past empires and monarchies but they only used one belief system. Have you ever noticed all the many different types of churches and religions there are?
The only oppression we’re receiving is from those who try and take that freedom away to openly show our beliefs and pray to a God that we love and believe in.
You don’t know what is best for the whole nation or yourself, they might say.
Some people believe that religion takes away individualism and turns you into sheep.
Does Britteny Spears have any more individualism then say me, in fact she is no different from everyone everyone else who follows sin. It’s all the same. Dress as slutty as possible and try to have sex with everyone you can.
Drinking and drugs are all traps that take away your freedom to save money or go anywhere. They don’t allow smoking. Think about it. Who is the sheep?
I would like to mention one last thing. Not all freedoms are condemned and not all religions are not allowed to pray openly. Did you know that in Chicago they are implementing the building of prayer room for Muslim students. Good for them. I am glad, but what about the rest of us? Why them but not us? Think about it. Forward and onward to a better nation.