July 14, 2024

Volunteer Spotlight

This archived article was written by: Christine Olsen

Megan Arko is a sophomore from Roosevelt, Utah. She has two brothers and two sisters and is the second to the youngest in her family. Arko has been involved in service her entire life and is the SUN Center student co-leader over Random Acts of Simple Kindness (RASK) and One-Time Projects. She does service because “It’s so great and rewarding to see the improvement of people and places. I love to help people and make them happy.”
RASK projects are spontaneous and simple. An example is last Friday when volunteers went to Wal-Mart and helped customers carry their purchases to their car and load them. Other examples of RASK projects include shoveling snowy driveways and raking leaves. One-Time Projects are just that, service that needs to be done on a one-time basis.
Arko chose to be over RASK and One-Time projects because, “I wanted to be involved in a bunch of different projects and this seemed like the best.” Arko has also been the SUN Center student leader over Kids at Heart, which is an elementary literacy project, and volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, Active Re-Entry and many other projects mainly involving children. Her major is business management and her favorite class is bowling. She loves pigs and her interests include singing, playing piano, boys, playing games and listening to music.
Arko says there are many people whom she looks up to, but mostly her family and friends. Kathy Murray, director of the SUN Center, says “Megan is such a great leader. She is always willing to take on new service projects and never turns any down. She has such a great desire to serve and she is always getting others involved as well.” Arko’s most embarrassing moment happened when she was singing in front of an audience and she tripped, causing her skirt to fall to her ankles.
Arko has this advice for fellow students: “Get involved and help out! You’ll love it!”