July 21, 2024

Burtenshaw Residence Hall has highest crime rate

Burtenshaw Residence Hall had the most criminal offences given to its residents over the past two years, more than any other CEU dorm, reported campus police.
The police records indicate in the two academic years from 2003-2005 that there were seven burglaries at Burtenshaw, with Aaron Jones Residence Hall having one. Two alleged rape cases were reported at Burtenshaw this year with six of the seven students involved in the incident all living in Burtenshaw.The other one involved did not live in residential life. Campus police indicated that four of the six living in residential life either were on athletic teams or red shirting on the teams. There were no rape cases reported at any of the other dorms.
Alcohol-related offenses has residents of Burtenshaw at the top of the list with five incidents, followed by AJ with two and Tucker with one incident involving two students. The statistics where AJ ranked first was in drug-related offenses. Three incidents took place at AJ while Burtenshaw had two. Thefts were higher at AJ than Burtenshaw with three incidents at AJ and two at Burtenshaw.
Police also acknowledged that AJ has many more dorm residents than Burtenshaw. It’s a much larger facility. One hundred and twenty-one athletes live in Burtenshaw.
According to the campus police records, 38 students were issued citations from August 2003 to this week. The records indicate 17 student athletes were given citations, 14 students and four non-students.
Officer James Prettyman regularly meets with Luz Flores and Sharon Jones, head residents of AJ and Sessions Hall. He almost nightly responds to RAs’ calls from AJ, Tucker and Sessions concerning non-criminal offenses. He said that he has only been called to Burtenshaw less than a dozen times this year by its RAs and has never been called by is head resident/housing director, Dan Allen.
Physical damage to dorms by its residents is highest at Burtenshaw. That dorm had 38 holes in the walls that had to be repaired this year compared to AJ with three holes, Sessions had one and none at Tucker.
According to Hank Savage, maintenance supervisor at the dorms, AJ has the most repair calls, mostly because of problems with the kitchen appliances. But when it comes to physical damage, Burtenshaw tops his list.