August 13, 2022

Holt named student body president; Barnum, Deaton and Thayn also elected

Jesse Douglas Holt, a 19-year-old sophomore from Tooele, was elected 2005-06 student body president to serve over ASCEU. In the closest election ever, Holt will be sworn into office at the Student Awards Banquet on April 28. As part of his student government responsibility, he will serve as a voting member of CEU’s Board of Trustees.
Holt came to CEU as an Ambassador where he served the past two years. He has been on The Eagle staff, scream team and residential life committee. He is a communication major and plans to attend Utah State University after CEU.
His goals are simple; make sure that the students’ voices are heard in the decision-making process on campus. He wants to continue the efforts of getting the community involved with the college. He wants to improve the campus life as a whole plus ensure each student’s time on campus has been an enjoyable and memorable experience. He feels that the food service can be improved with quality and satisfaction as well as meeting the requests of students who live in residential life. He wants the students to feel that they have a sense of school pride while attending CEU.
He hopes to make many changes by fall semester when school starts. The entire campus will be turning in their old meal, library, and student ID cards for a new state-of-the-art swipe card. That’s not the only new state-of-the-art changes that will be coming about throughout the campus.
Many issues addressed in the campus-wide meeting were addressed by Holt. He wants to ensure the faculty and students are on the same level and working together. He wants to get the students out to the activities and ball games. He wants to have the dorms be living up to their potential and have students be proud that they live in the residence halls.
Elected as vice president of academics is Lisa Barnum from St. George. She says that being at CEU has been the greatest experience of her life. Now that she is in a leadership position, it gives her the opportunity to give back to CEU and try to make others realize how much potential CEU has.
Other officers include vice president of activities is RiKelle Deaton from Spring Glen, and vice president of inter-club council is Pat Thayn from Wellington.

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