July 13, 2024

Applauding governor’s efforts to protect the interests of the majorities

This archived article was written by: Marcie Swenson

Dear Editor,
This letter is in regard to an opinion piece by the Salt Lake Tribune titled “A governor’s voice: Huntsman must act to protect Utah’s outdoor treasures”
Once again the all-knowing voice of Utah speaks out against our governor and against the evil corporate interests that seek to pillage and plunder our helpless and fragile public land. In the words of John Stossel, “Give me a break!” I applaud Gov. Huntsman’s efforts to protect the interests of the vast majority of Utahns. He has sought to bring common sense and balance to issues surrounding public land management. He has continued the outdoor recreation task force, and has formed the new public lands policy coordinating office that answers directly to him. These officials know what will or will not economically benefit Utah. The notion that our governor can’t be a champion of economic development without selling out to the whims of an elitist vocal minority is wrong, as is the implication that resource development and tourism cannot occur cooperatively. In fact public lands must be managed in this way. BLM has a multiple use mandate. Resource extraction is a legitimate use and should be managed. We should also protect other values but not at the expense of the quality of human life. How does resource extraction benefit rural economies vs. wilderness type tourism?
Would places like Emery and Carbon County be willing to shut down their power plants and coal and gas operations in hopes that backpackers will pick up the slack? I think not. Governor stay the course.