April 15, 2024

New console of the new age

This archived article was written by: Benjamin Waldon

Here the world begins again with another console boom this holiday season with, the first system taking place among the giants, the Xbox360. Released press information on Thursday, May 12, 2005 let Microsoft gamers know much about the specifications of what the systems limits were, and if it was really worth spending the money on such a system.
New information barely released at Leipzig, Germany during the Games Convention suggested the price of the machine, and also the accessories that will or will not come with it depending on how much you spend. Xbox360 will be released in two different ways; the regular system, and the core system.
First, the regular system starts with a nice $399.99 sales price right on the box. Expensive, but with many options added into the box. Some of these options include a wireless controller, 20GB of hard drive, headset for broadband play, HD-AV cable, and an Ethernet cable.
The core system on the other hand has a controller that is not wireless, but has a 9 foot cord; and has a regular AV cable for connection. The core system does have $299.99 on the price tag, so proves better for the casual gamer.