April 17, 2024

New year brings confessions of a new Eagle staff writer

This archived article was written by: Leland Lobato

First day of the new semester, I am so ready for this. I have all of my basic supplies and necessities. I have my backpack full of paper, writing utensils of all kinds, for myself and for others in case somebody may have misplaced theirs, and various little electronic devices.
I have everything needed,and a few items that are not. I even arranged to meet with my incredibly cool cousin before class so we could wander the halls and try to find our class together, and most likely be late.
I get up in the morning, and only hit the snooze once, take a shower, get dressed, grab my gear and, bam! I’m out the door.
Half way to school I text message my cousin to tell her to meet me in front of the library. Yes, I am so on top of things and feeling great about it. She texts me back and says she is in class and will meet me. Almost immediately afterwards is another text asking about whether or not I was supposed to be in the same class she was in at that very moment.
After some heated discussion via the wonderous miracle known to the world at large as text messaging, we determined that, yes, I was supposed to be in the very class she was then attending. I thought my 8:30 a.m. class was the next morning. What a hell of a way to start a semester.
That story was just a little something to help everyone get to know me better being that I am a new writer on the Eagle staff, and somewhat lacking ideas for the first issue. Unfortunately that is the sort of situation that is common to my existence. That being the case, I decided to let the readers know who it is they are dealing with.
My name is Leland Lobato and I am from East Carbon.
I love hip-hop music. Actually I enjoy many different genres, and styles of music. Basically if it is good music I will listen to it, all but crunchy (country) music. Crunchy music is of the devil.
I will try anything at least once, unless it is gross. Grossness and I just do not mix well.
I am a nerd. Seriously, I belong to a book club and was a little more excited about my class schedule than I should have been. Also I watch Anime.
I enjoy dancing and have been known to do so in the complete absence of anything even resembling music.
Eating and sleeping are two of my favorite activities. Believe it or not, maintaining a large belly is not as easy as it seems.
I recently quit smoking but will have one every now and again when I have consumed certain beverages not readily available to those who have not been around since 1984.
Cheating is for wussies.
Fighting for no reason is asinine. I believe that everyone should have the right to kick somebody’s backside every now and again when appropriate.
I’m different ,just like everybody else. I am not perfect, just like you. I will say whatever is on my mind anytime, anywhere. It is not my intent, ever, to offend anyone but am not really worried about it if I do. I treat everyone with respect until they give me reason not to.
Many people have told me that I am funny, so I have decided to take their word even though I disagree.
If you fall down, I will laugh with you. I will help you up and make sure you are alright, but will be laughing at the time. That is unless you are seriously hurt or in some kind of agonizing pain, at which time I will take you to the emergency room.
If you are in trouble I will help you. I enjoy the company of others but, like most people, would often just like to be by myself.
I play video games; Halo 2 rules!
I have two jobs, one of which I like, the other do not. I work hard when it’s time to, and am lazy the rest of the time. Go figure.
There is so much more to say but for the sake of time and space, I will cut it short. Oh yeah, people with no common sense really irritate me.
And last but not least. I really do not care what anyone thinks about me. Not you, your neighbors, my neighbors, people in Colorado, Iraq, Canada, down the street, anybody, I just dont care. So given that last statement, feel free to comment on anything I write in any of my articles. Say anything to me, advice, criticism, ideas, challenges, questions, anything at all.
I will take consider everything, but will do what I feel like doing. Thanks for reading and have a great year and wear your seat belts.