July 21, 2024

Rock, rap heat up Loserpalooza

This archived article was written by: Benjamin Waldon

Utah bands are featured in the 2005 Loserpalooza Concert Series hosted by College of Eastern Utah’s Business Club and The Edge radio station on Friday, Nov. 11 at 8 p.m. in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center.
This is the third year of CEU’s Loserpalooza series, which brings in top Utah bands for the local community and students to listen to. It is also a fund-raiser to provide financial help to the business club and The Edge.
Donald McCarty, who organizes the concert series, came up with the idea from a concert he attended six years ago.
He explains, “around 1999 I lived in Boise, Idaho. I was hanging out with a friend of mine and he asked me if I wanted to go to a free concert. I said sure, free concert, why not?
“So we go into his car and drove 45 minutes on the freeway to some random road. We drove into the middle of the desert and a stage was set up with cars parked around it with about 300 people in attendance.
When we had got near the stage, there was someone performing solo with a base drum, a snare and a guitar, dressed in a pink tutu and bug-eyed glasses, playing a song, I don’t remember what. Just the fact that he was in a pink tutu was bazaar. This is where the name Loserpalooza came from.”
Loserpalooza includes a wide variety of music that will be performed. It will range from rock to rap and include multiple artists.
Loserpalooza has two acoustic solo artists performing. One of these is ASCEU’s own, Joe Whitehead. There will also be many local bands showing up to perform, some competed in the recent Battle of the Bands.
The concert not only has local bands, but also bands from across the state. One of these is Expression, a rap group from the Salt Lake Valley, a member of which is from East Carbon. The group has been together since ’98 and writes their music on the basis of real life and the truth of what really goes on.
Little Caesars and Nextel Wireless are also sponsoring Loserpalooza. The tickets will be available at Nextel Wireless and the ASCEU booth located in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center for $3 or at the door for $5.