August 13, 2020

Month: September 2006

Two seasons in 24 hours

A weekend filled with the joy of the great outdoors took its toll on the College of Eastern Utah wilderness studies class [humankind and the environment 1210 and 2010] as students ventured through the rough terrain of the high Uintas two weeks ago at 9,750 feet above sea level.
A three-day adventure was cut short by Mother Nature. This 4.2-mile hike started on Friday morning, September 15, as the class prepared for a weekend full of adventure and exploration. We left campus and headed for the mountains hoping for good weather, knowing a storm could possibly move in that night.

King is queen of court

Tall and talented Jamie King serves as an off-hander and one of the seven new players for the CEU golden Eagles volleyball team.
Jamie King was born in Salt Lake City, and moved to Price while in kindergarten. King grew up in price. While attending Carbon High School she played basketball and volleyball for the lady dinos. Go Dinos was all she had to say about Carbon High.
While growing up. King enjoyed playing basketball. And didn t start playing volleyball until junior high. Volleyball is her favorite sport of the two she played.

Ladies looking for conference win

College of Eastern Utah volleyball started its conference play last weekend as they welcomed the Badgers of Snow College into the confines of the Bunnell-Dmitrich Athletic Center on Thursday and the College of Southern Idaho Golden Eagles on Friday. They played a non-league game Tuesday evening against Westminster College Tuesday.

My hat is off, and I am in awe and wonderment

As the National Football League is just dipping into its league play, I need to take some time to write about a young Man from my hometown. Now it may not have special meaning to you when you hear this particular individual’s name, but it does to me and I’m the one writing this column.
This man’s name is John Madsen, Or Johnny as he used to be known.
What sets Madsen apart from the rest of us is that he happens to be a tight end for the Oakland Raiders.

Library has a wealth of resource for students

The library is a great resource for students to access while enrolled at CEU. The library offers traditional types of information and study resources such as hardbound books, newspapers and magazines. In addition, the library has several authoritative electronic resources for students to access free of charge.

Significance of Constitution Day

Have any of you ever wondered when or why Constitution Day came about, or why it is now just recently being acknowledged? I was also completely unaware of this day’s significance until researching the subject, and was surprised when I was able to discover the history of this national holiday.

Students excel in three programs

Three College of Eastern Utah departments have been notified of exemplary status at both the state and/or national level.
Welding Department
Mike Tryon, College of Eastern Utah welding instructor, announced that Jeremiah Garcia made it as a finalist during the Pre-Weld-Off phase for the Road to Gold in Japan 2007.
The top 16 welders in the United States were invited to send in two sets of complex pressure vessels, pipe, plate and sheet metal projects from which they have selected the top-five competitors.

Beloved crocodile hunter says his final “crikey!”

On September 4, the world lost one of its most unique champions of wildlife. Cruel fate (and the most ill-tempered stingray in the universe) has taken the life of Steve Irwin. While filming a segment for his daughter’s television show in the Great Barrier Reef, the Crocodile Hunter was fatally stung in the heart by the sharp tail of a sting ray.

The truth about being a nontraditional student

Starting a new semester of college is always a bit awkward. Everything is new. It takes time to adjust to the professors, books and subject materials. Everyone starts the semester with different expectations. This is even truer for a nontraditional student. You feel like an outsider, almost as if time ceased to exist for you, while the rest of the world continued to move forward. I know because I am one of these students.

What’s good about CEU

Well, after an entire year’s residency at CEU I am continually struck by the swirling cloud of stimulation and excitement on campus and around the community.  I can certainly trumpet all day about how wonderful your museum is, but there are many other themes to the CEU experience that come just as readily to mind.

Thomas’ hopes to clear debt for residence halls, close Sessions

At the Utah Board of Regents September meeting, College of Eastern Utah President Ryan Thomas presented the 2008 Capital Development request.
He said CEU did not go with the Fine Arts Building as its priority this year, because he felt that the likelihood of funding for that project, as against the other projects in the queue, was not strong this year.