July 22, 2024

Freshman hit on 300 East crossing street

With three accidents occurring on the week of September 10, students seem to be far from safety because of poor lighting and high speeds on the 400 North and 300 East roads.


This archived article was written by: Benjamin Waldon

With three accidents occurring on the week of September 10, students seem to be far from safety because of poor lighting and high speeds on the 400 North and 300 East roads.
At 9:16 p.m. on September 13, the Price city police officers were dispatched to an accident involving CEU student, Kaylie Brundage. Price City Councilman Jeffery Nielson hit Brundage with his truck while she was walking “east bound across 300 East,” which is near the CEU police department, not in the crosswalk – at an angle driving at 35 mph. Brundage’s body went up onto the hood of Nielson’s vehicle and then onto the asphalt.
Even though Brundage has returned to CEU, she is still suffering from bruises on her knees, thighs and arms; as well as road rash on her head, back and ankles.
According to the police report recorded by Police Officer Johnny Bowman, “Jeffery [Nielsen] stated that, ‘he was traveling north bound on 300 East, and that he estimated his speed at around 30 mph.'”
Also “Jeffery stated that, ‘he hit his brakes as hard as he could to the point that he could hear squealing tires and he swerved to the right attempting to avoid the collision.'”
Although the report states that the, “officers were unable to locate any tire marks, including no shadowing marks,” it also says that “all factors of the investigation indicate that most of Jeffery’s travel speed was dumped by the time of the collision with Kaylie.”
Zackery Larson, a student at CEU and friend to Brundage, was a witness of the scene of the accident and stated that he was, “walking behind Kaylie at an estimated distance of 60 to 80 feet.”
Although there was conflicting statements of what he did see on the night of the accident, Larson, “Reaffirmed his initial statement that he did not see the collision, but only heard the crash and then saw Kaylie lying on the road.”
Karl Bentley and Don Baker were also witnesses of the accident and both stated that, “Kaylie was walking across the roadway on 300 East at 550 North in an east-bound direction,” and that she had “entered the northbound lane and walked in front of the truck.” Bentley contacted 911 shortly after the accident occurred.
Even though Brundage did have a cell phone with her at the time of the accident, according to the report it is, “unclear if Kaylie was using the phone … ” and also that, “she does not recall if she was texting or talking at the time of the accident.”
Even though Brundage was not in the crosswalk, administrative officials and the CEU police department believe that it is not a legal issue that we are battling on campus, but rather a safety issue.
Officer James Prettyman has been fighting to secure the roads to provide for safe travel ics to get the city to listen to his concerns.
Although nothing has been done; ASCEU student academic council, with the help of the CEU police department, presented a plan to Price city council to lower the speed limit, to illuminate the streets, and to have more police presence regarding the 400 North and 300 East roads.

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    Maybe it is just me, but I have a problem with the whole “not in the
    crosswalk” thing. Those are there for our use and protection. At those
    crosswalks there are lights that, wait, bright idea, light up those walks at
    night. Don’t get me wrong, I am sorry she was hit, that is never a good
    thing, but she also needs to do her best to keep herself safe, like using
    the crosswalks maybe. I don’t know, just an idea. I think the city has
    done their job of lighting the way. There are lights on both corners
    opposite of the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center by the walks and CEU has
    even put in lights at the other end. Why someone would cross in the dark
    when they have a safe way is beyond me. I am sorry this happened and I hope
    that all of us college students, who are at school to learn, will learn to
    walk in the crosswalks. If you think I am wrong then please let me know.
    It is improbable that everyone agrees with me. Post your opinions, that is
    why the “add your public comment” thing is here. Or e-mail me and tell me
    how terrible I am for thinking this. [email protected]

    Engrish Luvr

    ps: If you are the type to cover yourself in honey and play with bears then
    I am sorry and please continue to walk in the unsafe dark.

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