July 25, 2024

Year-end letters saying goodbye to CEU

Dear editor (myself),
It is time for me to relieve my position of editor-in-chief at The Eagle, as well as conclude my time at CEU. Instead of going out with a sarcastic cry of truthful burns, I’ve decided to let the student (you) decide what does and doesn’t make sense by asking a series of questions. Marco Dansberry this is for you.

Dear editor (myself),
It is time for me to relieve my position of editor-in-chief at The Eagle, as well as conclude my time at CEU. Instead of going out with a sarcastic cry of truthful burns, I’ve decided to let the student (you) decide what does and doesn’t make sense by asking a series of questions. Marco Dansberry this is for you.
The first questions I have is why have signs prohibiting skateboarding, roller blading and bicycling with no intention to enforce the rule? I have seen all of these contraptions of travel used on campus … at the same time as campus police. If the signs are trying to prevent people from doing tricks on campus shouldn’t the signs say, “please use all forms of transportation as transportation?”
The next question comes to mind through complaints from students stating that there isn’t enough parking space on campus. Does big plains of grass provide a better use for parking or disc golf? And, supposing that you have answered that question … how many disc golf tournaments does CEU hold?
Hearing of the restrictions on the Internet in the dorms and combined with the use of ASCEU office computers drove me to ask my next questions. Is CEU a bank? If not, why does it take tech help to visit YouTube and watch a video?
Do coaches have tenure and an associate’s degree? Enough said …
My next question comes to the beautiful mind that designed the fountain. And had a good enough spin on the PR to prove that having a fountain working for less than five weeks a semester is a good thing. Why did you have to be so good?
Another item of business on campus that puzzles my mind is the library’s late charges. I understand that they don’t charge to “borrow” the items. However, I can only hope that people in the library have common sense … with that being said, is the library expecting college students to be overdue on a movie?
Dealing with the student center customer service problem, a.k.a. ASCEU and Ambassadors, all I have to ask is, if you walked into a Wal-Mart, would you expect to see two customer service desks right next to each other?
I know everyone is a big fan of food service, I mean dining services, you know the campus heartburn (any publicity is good publicity, right?). Are dining services attempting to compete with fast food or are they going to consistently provide food with high prices because they know that students need to spend money on food cards?
Not to answer the question before you have the chance students, but CEU beat you to the response when they sent me a letter inviting me to a banquet stating that I could bring two guests at a charge of $15 a piece. They aren’t competing with fast food; they are competing with the various steak restaurants around the country.
After letting out an almost orgasmic gasp just after I glanced over the prices at the grill, I realized they had spelled cheese with a “Z.” This brought me to a conversation with another student over the spelling problem on not only just the food service but also all over posters on campus. CEU, should we spell college with a K?
The other less random, yet strange part of CEU always causing me to ask questions is that campus literally closes early on Fridays. Do a few less students on campus constitute a day off for everyone?
The last thing that almost makes me become insane includes but is not limited to maintenance. Didn’t your mother ever teach you that it is best to do things before asked? I don’t believe it’s rocket science to figure out that a shady corner of a parking lot is going to collect ice and cause accidents, that being said, I was thinking of a sodium type substance to solve that problem.

Ben Waldon
Dear editor,
This past year has been one of great excitement and accomplishment. On behalf of the student leaders here at CEU I would like to address the students in regards to the accomplishments of ASCEU Leadership this year.
As with most student leaders it is difficult to accomplish so much when there is such a limited amount of time. As ASCEU president I want the students, faculty, and staff to know that I am very pleased with the achievements of this past year’s officers. Some of the goals achieved by our individual councils are listed here.
Inter Club Council: 2005-2006 saw 15 registered clubs and this year, 2006-2007, now has 46 registered clubs. This has allowed a variety of students to get involved in a great deal of clubs. Student Life Council: Drafted and received approval of a Publicity Policy. This provides for a cleaner campus along with organization for distributing publicity. This council also worked with Price City to ensure pedestrian safety surrounding our campus. Activities Council: Lucky Day brought in an estimated 850 students and members of the Price community. Other activities such as the band Midnight to Twelve, and the annual Lite Brite Dance were activities that were well attended and created great memories. Student Academic Senate: This is the first year of the Academic Senate and thanks to our predecessors the senate has allowed massive growth in student representation in academic issues. The Senate has established itself on campus so that in years to come they will be an asset to the students, as well as building relations with faculty. Student Conduct Committee: This committee has worked long and hard to ensure that honesty and integrity among our fellow students remain on campus. The Student Fee Allocation Committee: implemented a new fee, the Legacy Fund, which allows students to give back to the school by providing ways to build recruitment and retention. This fee will accumulate and fund such future projects as a marquee, and then subsequent projects in years to come. There was also an addition to the recognition fund that will allow student groups to request funds to help them travel to compete in state and national level competitions.
These accomplishments were made possible because of the support of you, the student. I am proud of the student leaders that have been my associates for the past year. I look forward to ASCEU Leadership in the years to come to, as our motto says, “Keep the flame lit”.

Aaron Hales
06-07 student body president