June 18, 2021

Year: 2007

Sorenson Communications to open SIPRelay Call Center

SALT LAKE CITY (Dec. 5, 2008) – Sorenson Communications®, the leading provider of Sorenson Video Relay Services (SVRS ®) for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who use American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate, announced that it will open a Sorenson IP Relay (SIPRelay®) Call Center in Price, early in 2008. SIPRelay is a free service which enables deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to quickly and easily communicate with hearing phone users from any PC or mobile device.

To thine own self be true

Sometimes life’s most important lessons are learned in the strangest places. I never go into these interviews thinking, “Well, what profound lesson will I be taught today?” Yet, I always learn something extremely valuable. This week’s lesson is on the key to happiness, as taught to me by Danielle Olsen and Maria Bjarnson.

Youngest coach in nation works to prove himself

In the minds of some people, those at the age of 26 are still not quite an adult, but this years coach Chris Craig has all the responsibilities as adults. The now youngest coach in the nation has to help bring this team together and hopefully make a run for the conference title.
Coach Craig takes over for Bryan Zollinger who recently accepted a head coaching position at Seward County Community College in Kansas. Chris will be the 12 men’s basketball coach.

Men’s basketball need more preseason wins

The Eagles wanted to get back on track after three losses and a five-and-six record in non-conference play. After winning three straight, including their first home game of the year, they dropped a close one to Western Wyoming Tuesday night.
Dodge City Tourney
Two wins came in the Dodge City Tourney in Kansas versus Lamar Community College and Dodge City Community College. CEU kept a high shooting percentage in the three wins and won all the games with a combined total of 32 points. Then they traveled to Colorado and played a totally different type of ball dropping both games.

Three-point shooting, mother of six, faithfully returns to courts

A full-time student, mother of six and a member of the College of Eastern Utah’s women’s basketball team at 32 years old?
Alisa Morley played her freshman year for CEU Coach Dave Paur in 1993-94. At 6-foot-1 and an all-state player from Blanding, Utah, she was one of four women over 6-feet tall on Paur’s team. “We had one of the tallest teams in junior college basketball that year,” he said. “We beat Ricks by 25 points and should have taken the conference championship.”

Eight games, four wins

With another month to go before their next home game the Lady Eagles have the opportunity to see what they are made of as they face tough opponents on the road. Will they become more refined and tougher, or will the heat be too much for them?
On Nov. 15 the Eagles played Miles City Community College in Casper, Wyo., and received an old fashioned whipping 91-64. The Eagles shooting went cold and the usually precocious defense was MIA. “They ran us off the floor” said Coach Dave Paur, “it’s that simple.”

Library corner

As we enter into the holiday season, the CEU Library would like invite all students, faculty and staff to visit the library and check out materials that celebrate this festive time of year. The library has several holiday movies on DVD and in video. We also have a great collection of festive music on CD as well as holiday themed audio books.

Instructor not a to-do list writer

“I think I’m pretty organized, I just don’t appear organized,” admits College of Eastern Utah’s new psychology instructor, Heath Earl while 14 piles of paper are stacked on his desk.
He said he’s not a to-do-list writer, “I fly by the seat of my pants.”
Forty years old, married with four kids, and two under the age of 2 years. “I don’t do relaxation. Not enough time … The ‘time-out’ chair is a great place for me to go when my kids are out of hand.” However, he says he still feels “good, even 35.”

Local day spa gives the big rub

My breathing became serious as masseuse Juanita Valdez, owner of Body Glo Day & Medical Spa, gently pushed her elbow into a mass of knotted muscle in my gluteus maximus. My right butt cheek had been a balled up mess for months, but it was no match for Valdez’s skilled placement and pressure of that elbow. “That’s the spot” I said through my body’s reaction to the pressure. “I know” she said. Her skilled hands found more spots that needed work. Spots I didn’t know needed attention until she kneaded the tension and pain out of them.

The Nutcracker and Grinch

The Nutcracker and The Grinch, two classic pieces produced during the holiday season, will be performed on the Geary Theatre stage this weekend. The Grinch will run Friday, Dec. 7, while The Nutcracker runs Thursday, Dec. 6 and Saturday, Dec. 8 each night at 7:30 p.m.
The history of The Nutcracker revolves around Clara, a child who receives a doll from her uncle Drosselmeyer. At the stroke of midnight magic happens and the doll comes alive to rescue her from the evil Mouse King. As the story continues, she falls deeper and deeper into the realm of the Sugar-Plum Fairy.

Are you a bad college roommate?

For most of us, college is where we first experience having a roommate, who is not a sibling or a family member. An ideal roommate would be someone who is fairly clean and helps pay the bills. Some of us however, are left with the messy roommates who do not pay bills on time or help pay for groceries, and eat the food you bring home. The question most of us are probably wondering is, how do we hint or tell them they are being a bad roommate without causing an argument and making living conditions for both parties unbearable?