June 18, 2024

Health clinic bids farewell to Tammy Bracken

After seven years of dedicated service and working in the CEU Health Clinic, Tammy Bracken is saying goodbye.

This archived article was written by: Morgan Hampton

After seven years of dedicated service and working in the CEU Health Clinic, Tammy Bracken is saying goodbye.
When starting here, Bracken’s title was the physician’s assistant (PA). Her first location on campus was in the old TAPS building which has been torn down. “It had no AC in the summer and little heat in the winter, but it did have a lot of parking,” says Bracken, when reminiscing about when she first started. Bracken worked under Terry Holbrook who was the director up until last November, when she took his place. Speaking of her current title as director of the clinic, Bracken shows a bit of humor, “I got this title by default. It was out of my hands.
“My favorite part about being here at CEU has to be the international students. I appreciate what they bring to the clinic in a single encounter. The knowledge that I get about their culture, their views on medicine, and some of their experiences are so great. I don’t think that you can get that sort of knowledge or appreciation of such things without being in my place.” says Bracken.
“I think that I am going to miss the environment here the most. It is so positive and so great. You will never get that at a hospital or care center. The students are great patients, they are respectful and they are always just so happy to be around, the environment has energized me through the past few years.”
Bracken was married in June and is leaving CEU to move to Wyoming to be with her husband. Her plans are to take some time off. “I want to know what its like on the other side [of the world that doesn’t work diligently, and actually has time to themselves].” Bracken has been in the working world for 32 years.
When thinking back on the likes and dislikes during her years here, Bracken says, “I hate how the court news is published in the local paper, and there is way to much law enforcement, but I love Carbon County’s soul, this place is my home!” Bracken was born and raised in Helper. She began her education at CEU, and continued it at Weber State Universtiy and theUniversity of Utah, and then returned to her beloved home town to polish off her experience as a local Carbon County girl.
In conclusion Bracken would like to leave the students with a quote from H. Jackson Browne Jr., “Spend your time and energy creating not criticizing.”