May 28, 2024

CEU departmental awards

Twenty-five College of Eastern Utah students will receive departmental awards for outstanding achievement in their respective departments on Friday, May 1 in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center, announced interim Vice President and Provost, Michelle Fleck.
Students from Price receiving awards include Kevin Bunnell, engineering drafting and design technology; Trisha Munns, graphic arts; Carrie Fleck, practical nursing; Katie Jo Marx, math; Anthony Kouris, automotive; Nichole Gustas, cosmetology; Bren Pruitt, engineering; Jenna Rae Jepson, music; Josh Crichlow, welding; Lynette Marsing, accounting; and Rosetta Ceal, Boni Nichols Award.
Students from Helper include West Hunsker, biology; and Jay Workman, history.
Emery County students included Eric Fillmore, registered nurse, Orangeville; Ryan Jensen, criminal justice and Jackson Pace, economics, both from Ferron; and Brandt Peacock, psychology, Castle Dale.
Shea Sperry, Springville, will receive the outstanding chemistry student award; Chris Jensen, outstanding recreation award, Midvale; Stephanie Kinghorn, anthropology, Layton; Britany Heslop, education, Clearfield; Danielle Tremelling, dance, Hooper; Elizabeth Miller, theatre, Tooele; Shaylene Barrus, business, Deweyville; and Kellie Henderson, communications, American Fork.