April 13, 2021

Year: 2009

Dear Bobbie is rockin’ to the top

Running back and forth, jumping up and down, and singing the songs we know; Dear Bobbie took over the stage at Friday Night Shmoozers, Nov. 13.
Starting off the show with their song “Conversations With Myself,” the energy exploded from the stage in the Old Ballroom at the College of Eastern Utah. Taking on the genre of the popular band Blink 182, they sang directly to the hearts of their fans and anxious audience.

Rocket competition based on height and flight duration

Students from three high schools in Eastern Utah joined College of Eastern Utah’s introduction to engineering class to compete in a rocket competition Nov. 13.
The competition included Emery High School (science teacher Lee Moss), Carbon High School (science teacher Dan Taylor), San Juan High School (science teacher Jared Barrett) and the introduction to engineering class of Kyle Larsen, Ph.D..
The competition for the high school students was initially to see which student or students could get their rockets to obtain the closest altitude to 500 feet and stay in the air 45 seconds.

The greatest sports movies and quotes

Movies are something that can captivate, entertain and inspire us. I have compiled a collection of my favorite sports movies, and quotes.
Caddyshack- Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield made this golf classic, one of my favorite sports movies. Murray plays the part of a groundskeeper at an upscale country club.

Lady Eagles start season off slow

The College of Eastern Utah lady Eagles are 1-2 after a win over Colorado Northwestern and two hard losses from Snow and SLCC on the road last weekend.
“This might be the best Colorado [Northwestern Community College] team in years, their strength is in three-point shooting, against us they hit 16-three pointers. Their weakness is in the post, they don’t have much size,” said lady Eagles Head Coach Dave Paur, after last Tuesday’s 84-70 home win over CNCC.

Amaze your friends during the holidays with these facts

The holidays are always shrouded in mystery. What is Boxing Day? Why do we celebrate New Years in the middle of winter? Why do we decorate evergreen trees? What exactly is eggnog? What is mistletoe and why kiss under it? And many more perplexing questions. Good news, this entire article is dedicated to the curious, for the rest, you can use this information to impress your friends.

The right way to lift

Why is it that almost everyone you see working out in the gym does high volume body part splits? Today is Thursday and in just about every gym in America, that means it’s leg day. Tomorrow is arms, Monday is chest and Tuesday is back, … or something like that. Why the lack of variety? What is the need for all that training volume?

Earl named favorite faculty member in spring 2009

Heath Earl, a College of Eastern Utah’s professor, was voted as the outstanding faculty member last April.
One of these awards is granted each year and given to faculty by the students, rather than peers. Earl feels that this is a meaningful idea and happy to know that his students enjoy his classes and his teaching.

The degeneration of Christmas

Last November on Black Friday an employee of a Wal-Mart was trampled to death when he opened the doors of the Wal-Mart. The crowds burst through the doors and knocked him over and trampled him to death. Four other people were injured while attempting to rescue the man, including a woman who was eight months pregnant. America has truly lost its Christmas spirit.

Perfection is not the cost to be a perfect parent

National Adoption Month raises public awareness about thousands of children and youth waiting in foster care for permanent loving families according to Child Welfare Information Gateway. This year is the 10th anniversary of National adoption month.
The theme for this year is “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent.” This year child welfare is focusing more on the foster care children, and are pushing for more loving parents to adopt them.

Marketing the college to the outside world

One positive figure in negative economic uncertainty is the enrollment rate among colleges and universities. Economic trends remain consistent, whenever the economy is gloomy, enrollment rates increase due to the unemployment rate and also the intense competition in the work place for the relatively few remaining jobs.
Of the nine public colleges and universities in Utah, every single institution increased in enrollment this year. However, the increased numbers varied considerably from institution to institution.

Incredible shrinking man; Justin Sacco

A lot of students on campus know Justin Sacco, he’s one of the local guys who performs with improv team in the little theatre on Thursdays at 6 p.m. You may have seen him at the gym … a lot. More than a year ago the gym is the last place you would find him.
When Sacco turned 19 he looked at himself in the mirror and wasn’t happy with the image he saw … a guy who tipped the scales at 350 pounds. Nine months later, he weighs 188 pounds.

Facilities maintenance back to college

The College of Eastern Utah Administration has canceled a contract held with the Utah Division of Facilities Construction Management (DFCM). The contract cost the college millions of dollars every year.
After two-and-a-half years, the CEU administration canceled the state contract with DFCM. The biggest reason was the “cost and lack of qualified people,” according to Sheila Burghardt, facilities manager.

Draft released detailing CEU future

The draft of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishing the affiliation between Utah State University and the College of Eastern Utah was released with provisions of the institution’s name, governance, mission, administrative structure and issues, student issues, public relations and information systems were highlighted.
The Board of Regent’s Task Force, Commissioner William Sederburg, Transition Director Cory Duckworth, and President Stan Albrecht will be in Price at 4 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 7 to “roll out” the CEU-USU MOU for the Price campus and community.

Sytemic Profiles: four Utah artists discuss their work

Four Utah artists whose unique exhibit at College of Eastern Utah’s Gallery East will be on campus Friday, Dec. 4 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. for a gallery talk and reception which is open to the public. The exhibit, Systemic Profiles, features a diverse use of artist’s media, including oil paint, paper maché, photography, sound, and fabricated materials.

Eagles sit atop SWAC

The College of Eastern Utah men’s basketball team had a busy Thanksgiving vacation, and had much to be thankful for. They chalked up wins against Sheridan College, Colorado Northwestern Community College, Snow College and Salt Lake Community College, while dropping
two games to Northwest Wyoming College.