May 18, 2024

Letter to the editor:

Dear editor:
I recently read an article in the current issue of The Eagle newspaper regarding dining services being closed for spring break. Let me first inform you all that when student meal plans are set up and priced it is done so with dining services being closed for three day weekends, Christmas break, Thanksgiving, and spring break. During these times is when we do maintenance and cleaning of our equipment. When there is a three day weekend or holiday coming up that we will be closed for, we do post it in the dining room, at the Golden Grille, and also make flyers available for the RAs to hang up in the various dorms.
During Spring Break we made arrangements with the CEU Bookstore for meals to be available for those students left on campus. During Christmas and Thanksgiving the faculty/staff see that there is food available for all students.
Being informed and understanding the who, what, when, where and why is important before you voice your opinion to the editor for all to read. Knowing I have an open door policy, and trying to meet the special dietry, religious and favorite meals for the students, faculty and staff. I was surprised that this concern was not brought to my attention until I read it in the newspaper.
After reviewing the meal plan accounts there are about a dozen students who will not be able to use all of their money. Upon this review and visiting with the dean of students, we are making bulk purchases of drinks and snack food items available to students with meal plans. The food can be purchased with your meal plan. You need to order the food you would like with myself in the dining services office, pay for it in advance with your meal plan. You will be informed when your food will be arriving, and you can pick it up during regular dining service hours.
-Becky Archibald