May 11, 2021

Month: February 2010

Price native drawings exhibited at Gallery East

Art Meets History, a Utah Arts Council Traveling Exhibition Program exhibit, will be on view at Gallery East from March 8 through April 1. The exhibition features 22-sepia drawings, created by Utah artist and Price native William Dean Fausett, which retrace the historic exploration of the West undertaken by Civil War Major John Wesley Powell in 1869.

Challenging semester for CEUSA

From flops and successes to activity costs, the College of Eastern Utah Student Association [CEUSA] has hit a brick wall.
This year, Mr. and Miss CEU were canceled. “Miss CEU generally loses money,” said Todd Olsen, director admissions and scholarships and CEUSA advisor. Because “It serves a very limited amount of people and costs the college.” Miss CEU was paid from so many accounts last year, student leaders at CEUSA are still trying to figure if they made or lost money from the activity last year.

Black History Month: CEU’s favorite role models

Among the few African-American students at the College of Eastern Utah exists victories, dilemmas and goals.
Henry Rudolph looks up to many black idols. “I like Susan Lori Parks because she is a black playwright who writes strictly for black theatre.” Actor Terrence Howard is another one of his role models because he started on stage and worked his way up to film. Rudolph named actor James Earl Jones because of his great diction and pronunciation. One specific quality of Jones is that he was speech impaired as a child, but defeated the impairment.

Auto students provide training in 4-Corners

Price Automotive Technology program students spent two days at the College of Eastern Utah-San Juan Campus and San Juan High School in Blanding conducting the Third Annual Four-Corners Automotive Training and Competition Feb. 18 and 19. The program attracted 50 students from area high schools.

Three honored at the SWAC Tourney

Kris Hill, College of Eastern Utah’s All-American from the 1990-92 teams, will be honored during the Scenic West Athletic Tournament held at the Bunnell-Dmitrich Athletic Center on March 4-6 in Price.
A native of Chicago, Ill., the six-foot-eight forward played under Coach Ronnie Stubbs where his 1,026 career points rank No. 5 in CEU’s record book and his 842 rebounds have never been matched by another CEU player. He is remembered at CEU for his nick name “Bread Truck,” when he topped the scales at 240 pounds as a freshman.

What might land you in trouble

Campus life has rules and boundaries. What students are and are not allowed to own or have in their possession is a question getting attention lately. Word is circulating that pepper spray is illegal to carry on campus and this has many people worried about safety. Pepper spray and other items adhering to federal law are allowed.
Candles with burnt wicks are one of the widely known no-nos for students living in residential life but radio antennae, dart boards and barbells are also not allowed. It is legal to carry a gun on campus if you have your concealed weapons permit.

Bear Lake to baseball field

Bailey Dee Thomas was born March 10, 1991, to Craig and Linda Thomas. He grew up in Montpelier, Idaho with four older brothers. Growing up, Thomas loved to play wiffle ball, participating in sports, and riding his bike. His favorite memory from childhood was when he was eight years old, he hit his first homerun. While growing up, Thomas worked as a park maintenance man, a lawn mower and at Bear Lake renting boats and jet skis.

A hodgepodge of sports articles

This week, I couldn’t decide what to write on, so I’ve compiled a collection of a few of my favorite stories of the week. There’s baseball, Olympics, and despite what I said in a previous column, Tiger Woods.
I know, I know I said I wasn’t going to write an article about Woods, but I can’t resist. Last week he made his first public appearance in months, giving a 13-minute apology speech in front of a few selected people. I watched the speech, but wasn’t going to write anything on it, until I heard something that surprised me; America found his speech sincere and heartfelt!

Steps to finalize the merger

Progress is being made on the legislative procedure of the College of Eastern Utah-Utah State University merger. The bill is waiting consideration to be read on the senate floor. The reading will be done on the second reading calendar which should take place sometime this week.

CEU extends winning streak to seven

For the College of Eastern Utah men’s basketball team it has been a roller coaster of a season. Most games came down to the wire. Their recent games were much the same, with the exception of perennial whipping post Colorado Northwestern Community College; they were once again challenged, but able to pull out wins against CNCC, Snow College, and Salt Lake Community College.

Satisfaion with losing is un-American

I realize this attitude probably indicates a major flaw in my character, but something has been bugging me for the longest time.
In every Olympics – Winter or Summer Games, it doesn’t matter – one thing gets me all cranky.
To wit:
I’m sitting in front of my low-definition TV and watching American Johnny Spillane skiing hell bent for leather in something called the Nordic-combined normal hill event.
Is there such a thing as a combined – or for that matter, separated – abnormal hill event? I have no idea, but if there’s an American competing in it, I want him or her to win.

Coffee, the great unifier of people

I like a good cup of coffee. Like many Americans, my day begins fumbling with filters and temperamental brewing machines. It’s my morning ritual. Yet it’s merely one of many morning ablutions that I go through, but the only one which relaxes and cajoles.

Decisions make difference

When basketball is all one knows as life itself, the decision as to where you play makes all the difference in the world.
Monique Bruggeman, a sophomore on the College of Eastern Utah’s women basketball team, has from experience that the right place and time is important. Bruggeman was raised in Riverton where she knew, while growing up, that Riverton High School was where she would attend. All her friends and siblings either attended or would attend the same school. Making her way to high school age, Bruggeman played basketball with her future teammates.

Library provides thousands of text articles to students

Do you need information for an upcoming research paper? Do you need to have research resources from something other than the Internet? If you answered yes to either of these questions then the CEU Library home page is the place for you!
The CEU Library has a collection of subscription databases for use by all students, faculty and staff. This collection is known as Academic Pioneer. A direct link to Academic Pioneer can be found on the library home page at: