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Day: November 18, 2010


While the weather is cooling down sports are heating up. College and professional football are separating the contenders from the pretenders, and the teams on the bubble for post season are fighting to clinch the final spots. College basketball has just started and Duke is ranked as the no. 1 team in the preseason power rankings. There have been quite a few stories that could have made the Sports Editor’s Choice this week, but unfortunately there is only space for five.
5- 400 and counting

One loss, or no losses?

The curse of the no. 1 has been the story of the year in college football, although Auburn and Oregon have broken the curse for now fans are still weary it’ll come back. Experts like Kirk Herbstreit are saying there is no dominant team this year, but what do experts know?

Next on the tee: Coaches and their lessons

Anyone of us that has ever participated in an organized sports team has had the experience of hopefully having a coach that has made a difference in our lives. If you aren’t much of a “sports nut,” then it may not have been a coach in the sense of being on a team, but perhaps a teacher or mentor. According to the dictionary a coach, is defined as, “a person that trains an athlete or a team of athletes.”

Men’s team starts out hot, runs over competition

Starting the season with the highest preseason ranking in the school’s history can be good motivation for a team, and put a target on your back for other teams to take a whack at.
“With this being my first year here, I didn’t know much about the school’s basketball history, so when my teammates told me that we were ranked eighth and that’s the highest the school has ever been, I was really excited and grateful to be a part of the CEU men’s basketball history,” says Trevor Bamgartner a freshmen guard and key player to this year’s team.

What we are thankful for: a few words from The Eagle staff

Capt. Mae – I am thankful for life.  I can’t express how important it is to me.  I’m thankful for the many friends, past and present, who have helped me with becoming who I am today.  I’m thankful for my family.  They love me and I love them beyond belief.  I’m thankful for nature and the peace which it brings me. I am so thankful for the good God who gave me everything I have. And I am so thankful for Church Group; I love you all.

‘Tis the season to be laughing

Historic Helper City, Utah November 16, 2010—What do two disc jockeys at radio station OKKK, the members of the Smut Snatchers of the New Order, two very different twins, a child who is constantly followed by a pack of dogs, a Humane Society employee wrecked by the plight of ducks, a cranky old lady who poisons poodles, a UFO- spotting nut job, a city council candidate who wants to tax prisoners and a used weapons dealer have in common? They all live in Tuna, the third smallest town in Texas!

Actors on the Spot continue shows

Laughter: the milk to our Cocoa Puffs. On campus the “Actors on the Spot” improvisational comedy team has been developing for several years.
We are liken unto the famous television show, “Whose Line is it Anyway,” though we do not have the witty Wayne Brady or the gelatinous Drew Carey.
Look past the arrogance in this comment, but “Actor’s on the Spot” is the funniest, most fun, free activity on campus.
In the past, there was a huge influx of student attendance, but this year has been slow to say the least. As the team captain, it is disheartening but understandable.

Give a gift they otherwise won’t get: the Angel Tree can help

“What do you want for Christmas?” This question sparks wonder and wishful thinking into the heart of every child. And this year, the Angel Tree Project, headed up by Keera Allred, is helping to make those wishes come true.
The Angel Tree Project is an initiative sponsored by the United Way that helps underprivileged children receive a gift for Christmas. “I just think about how I would feel if I didn’t get anything for Christmas,” Allred explains. “I would be devastated. I think that every child should get something for Christmas.”

Associate vice chancellor for science begins in January

One of three associate vice chancellors, Melanie Nelson, starts her new position in January 2011.
Nelson, mathematics department head and faculty member, has been teaching at CEU for 21 years. She started teaching at CEU in the fall of 1989 after teaching at Carbon High school seven years.
She has always taught math; everything from fundamentals of mathematics and beginning algebra to trigonometry and calculus. It seems like if it has anything to do with math, Nelson will probably have the answer.

Seven days of holiday service

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….” Now we’ve all heard this song before.
We all have chimed in to melodiously sing “Five Golden Rings.” This upcoming holiday season, we have an opportunity to sing our own rendition – The Seven Days Of Service.
On Nov. 6, members of the USU-CEU student leadership had the opportunity to attend a transfer leadership conference at Utah State University in Logan. At the conference, USU leadership members issued a challenge to each campus.

Dean’s position dismantled; two will take her place

After six years in administration as a dean and vice president, Michelle Fleck, Ph.D., is stepping down from the deanship and returning to full-time teaching, as the position of dean of arts and sciences is being dismantled.
A deanship at CEU has traditionally been a four-year position, and now Fleck is ready to return to her original job at the college.

How to not get sick this winter; tips to stay healthy

It’s November, which means winter, right? With winter comes turkeys, mistletoe and last, but certainly not least, illness.
Many people get flu shots every fall/winter yet somehow manage to get sick. This can be prevented as well.
According to, “The reason we get colds in the winter isn’t directly linked to cold weather . . . It’s that we spend more time indoors with other people and their germs.”

Biodiesel is the new fuel of choice; go green

When you fill up your tank at the pump, do you think about what you’re putting into your vehicle? I never thought it mattered much. However to some, it is very important. You hear about people trying to obtain better gas mileage from the type of fuel they use.
Biodiesel is fuel made from natural and renewable sources, such as new and used vegetable oils and animal fats. It is most commonly used for diesel engines. In many ways, biodiesel is the perfect fuel for buses and trucks.