June 20, 2021

Day: November 19, 2010

Age of e-mail; living without

It’s so easy to take e-mail for granted. In a nano second, text, photos and gigabytes of information can be sent to anyone with an e-mail account all over the world. However, what happens when your e-mail goes down?
On Nov. 1, USU-College of Eastern Utah IT Department lost all faculty and staff e-mail for the better part of three days. It was frightening to some but proved to be more of an annoyance to others.

Stench in SAC solved

After three weeks of headaches, sinus problems and nose bleeds, residents in the SAC may feel better without their daily dose of pain killers and tissue paper. Utah State University’s Rachel Curry, safety/industrial hygienist, was on campus Thursday, Nov. 11 to test the air quality in the building and provide a plan to aerate the building of the sewer gasses that have plagued its residences.