September 24, 2023

Campus banners usher in new era at USU Eastern


This archived article was written by: Shadayah Jones

Changes continue at Utah Sate University-College of Eastern Utah this year. One is the school name which was changed to Utah State University-Eastern or Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah which most, if not all, students already know. When coming back to school fall semester, most of the USU Eastern community noticed the new banners displayed throughout campus. This is the first year that USU-Eastern has banners displayed throughout the school promoting itself. Misty Lowery, a sophomore at USU-Eastern says, “I like the banners; they are very welcoming to the students who are enrolled.”
Brad King, vice chancellor for administration & advancement, thought the flags were a good idea. “Yes, it shows that we are different from the past and that we are experiencing change. The new banners are letting the students know that staff are embracing USU-Eastern and displaying what the school is becoming.”
The new banners were created by a designing team at USU and the public relations office at USU-Eastern. Approximately 50 banners were ordered and only about 25-30 are hanging throughout campus. The banners are located on the light poles in the main walk way. King is hoping that they will eventually be able to build outward and put them all around campus including by the Western Instructional Building and on 3rd East and 4th North.
The new banners show a physical representation of the difference between the past and the future. They are showing that the USU-Eastern is growing and changing with time. Along with the new banners many more things will be changing. All of the old building signs will be taken down and replaced with new ones. “This will be a long process, but overtime we are hoping that we can change everything so we can show the new USU-Eastern,” states King. He hopes that the staff and students will “Experience the Change” that the school is evolving into.

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