June 18, 2021

Day: September 8, 2011

Former student named sports editor

Former College of Eastern Utah student, and sports editor of The Eagle, Nathan Davis has continued his work in the journalism field, and has been named the sports editor of The Signpost at Weber State University.
After leaving CEU in 2010 Davis who is originally from Idaho, transferred to WSU and started working on The Signpost as the assistant sports editor. During that year he contributed to an award winning sports page, but helping with the layout and design and covering multiple school sports.

Next on the tee

T-E-A-M, that spells team.
You can ask any first or second grader that you know to spell team, and hopefully, if our educational system isn’t completely failing, they will spell it that way. It really doesn’t take an English major to tell you that there is not an “i” in the middle of team.

Early season woes

Utah State University-Eastern volleyball Lady Eagles returned to the court after the summer break. They were the first students to return to campus, and the first team to play on the new court. The Lady Eagles began three-a-day practices on Monday, Aug. 15.
Returning as sophomores players include Nicole Roberts, Abigail Ericson, Danee Merrell, Joy Malone, Kylie Cordon, Miranda Parkinson, and Kristine Reddington.
New players to the team are Samara Wells, Beth Liddell, Megan Peterson, Malorie White, Lindzee Bair, and Whitney Fieldsted. The team comes from Utah, Idaho and Montana.

Smurf Turf: The endangered conference list

Okay, it’s only those with good memories or who have been here awhile who remember “Smurf Turf,” the thinking person’s sports column. “Smurf Turf” took a couple of years off while the columnist did what many young men of his faith do shortly after reaching the age of 19: We pin a name tag on our suits and head off for a couple of years and answer to the name “Elder.”

CBB changes to West Instructional Building

“Where’s the WIB building?” If this question were to be asked to a student, freshman or sophomore, they would probably be scratching their head. Some may even go in search of a newly constructed building on campus.
However, there is no new building, an old one is just getting a fresh, more suitable, title.

“You Can’t Take It With You” opens Sept. 29

Caine College of the Arts and Eastern Utah Theatre open the 2011-2012 theatre season with Kaufman and Hart’s classic American comedy, You Can’t Take it with You.
Written in the mid 1930s, the play tells the story of the Sycamore family, an eccentric and loving family who live life to its fullest despite having the world tell them to live according to their dictates.

How to make the most out of the college life . . .

You did it, you made it to college. Congratulations, but now the work begins. A college education is only worth what you put in to it. Put in little effort and you get little out of it. However the reverse is also true put in a lot of effort and you will gain much from your college experience.
So what can you do to get the most out of your college education? Here are the top 6 things (based on my experience in working with college students) you can do to make the most out of going to college;

Exhibit documents change of early homes in Central Utah

The Russian-born American poet and writer Joseph Brodsky wrote, “No matter under what circumstances you leave it, home does not cease to be home. No matter how you lived there—well or poorly.” An exhibit of photographs at USU Eastern’s Gallery East seeks to illustrate the dichotomies of persistence and change in Utah homes over time.

Controlling food cost, part of the USU cafeteria

The dining room at USU-Eastern has gone through many changes for the new semester. The reason for these changes is to control food cost. Now that we are with USU, we have to go by their rules. “USU sells in one day what USU-Eastern sells in one year,” said Becky Archibald. The price went up a penny from last year. There is also a new full time chef in the dining room is Tony Archibald. And now the dining room offers a buffet rather than when students paid for everything they took.
The new motto in the dining room is “Eat what you take and take what you eat.”

Remembering 9-11 after a decade

Sept. 11, marks the 10-year anniversary of the 9-11 terrorist attacks on the United States. Between the World Trade Center, Pentagon and Flight 93, close to 3,000 people died on that day. (www.nymagazine.com) Since that day our nation has suffered tremendous losses. The U.S. has been engaged in war from 26 days after the attacks until today; we have sustained more than 5,000 casualties from the war alone.

The Edge’s Barajas and Wells bring home gold again

USU Eastern students Sheraya Barajas and Kelton Wells successfully defended their national championship in Audio/Radio production at this year’s Skills USA championships. Held June 20-24 in Kansas City, Mo, the competition brought college teams from across the nation.