October 4, 2023

European travel in 2012 available to faculty, staff and students

This archived article was written by: Betty Hassell

How far have you traveled? Just across the border to Mexico maybe? A cruise? Time to consider a somewhere a bit more exotic. Just picture yourself in Switzerland, Italy & France next summer on an “Adventure in Europe.” Airfare, nine nights stay in hotels (11 with extension), complete European breakfast daily, six dinners, a bilingual tour guide, five sightseeing tours, and entrances to special attractions are all included in the price of $3,224. There is a two-day extension to Paris available for an extra $435. The adventure begins on May 17, 2012 and returns on May 27 (or 29th with extension).
The trip starts with a tour of Lucerne where the Alps providing a stunning backdrop of this city. After Lucerne is a trip to Venice where you will visit St. Mark’s Square and the Grand Canal and see a glass-blowing demonstration.
Next it is on to Rome and a tour of Vatican City, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and the Spanish Steps. At Florence you can visit the famous Duomo, visit the classical statues of Piazza della Sisnoria and watch a leather-making demonstration.
Next it is on to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower and then to soak up some rays on the French Riviera. You will also visit the principality of Monaco and tour a perfume factory. The two-day extension will continue the adventure on to Paris. Go home with new friends, more education than you can find in a classroom, tons of incredible photos and the best memories of your life. Contact Betty Hassell for more information at Reeves 174, 613-5270 or e-mail at [email protected].

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