May 17, 2021

Year: 2012

Faculty, staff and students donate time and gifts to underprivileged children in Carbon County

Another holiday season approaches and another successful Angel Tree project to assist children in Carbon County comes to an end as 50 children will have six gifts each under their Christmas tree on Dec. 25.
According to Terry Johnson, USU Eastern SUN Center director, the United Way of Southeastern Utah provides the names of 50 underprivileged children with their Santa Claus wish list. Each item on the list is written on the back of an angel card and placed on a Christmas tree in the lobby of the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center the first of November.

Golden Eagles SLAM Colorado Kings

Improving on defense by giving up less easy buckets should help USU Eastern men’s basketball overall 5-3 record as they prepare for conference play starting Dec. 13.
Over the Thanksgiving break, the USU Eastern men’s basketball team played two games against some of the top teams from Wyoming. On Friday, Nov. 23, the Golden Eagles defeated the defending Region 9 champions, Western Wyoming by of score of 80-70 with Luke Savoy leading scoring with 16 points.

Football ends all around Utah

The football season is at its end, and there have been many upsets and crazy endings to a lot of games. With bowl games coming up within the next couple months, means that the teams are awaiting their bowl bid. This season has had many ups and downs for a lot of teams in Utah, from the Utes not making a bowl game to the Aggies being the best in the state. It’s been a pretty wild ride for a lot of the players, along with the coaches. Let’s see how some of the football teams did this year.

Former Coach Dies

Jack Woodward, 79, a stalwart member of the USU Eastern Alumni Association who served both as its chair and as a member of the Board of Trustees died last week.
As a student, Woodward played baseball, basketball and football for Carbon College.  In baseball he was twice All-ICAC selection. He served his country as a U.S. Marine Corp. captain.
Later he was selected by the college to be an assistant baseball coach and then as the head coach.  When football was resurrected at College of Eastern Utah in the ‘80s, Woodward was hired as an assistant coach.

“The People’s Champ”

Todd Helgesen can be seen as a tall and caring basketball player who loves to work hard and is always in a happy and cheerful mood, but he is much more than that.
Helgesen is from Kaysville, Utah. He has a big family that consists of 10 people, Todd being the youngest of his seven siblings. He has 19 nephews and nieces. He is the only one out of his family that is not married. His five brothers, two sisters and parents mean the world to him. After serving a two-year LDS mission in

Book Review: The Hobbit

“The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien is first and foremost written for children. The language is simpler and the tone is lighter. Even during parts that could be scary and frightening, Tolkien throws in jokes or phrases that lighten the mood. This is probably a reason, if not the main reason that most readers like the Hobbit more than Tolkien’s sequel “The Lord of the Rings.”

Tips to maintaining, not gaining during the holidays

Parties and the holidays are the death of most in maintaining a healthly weight, according to Troy Bailey, dietitian for Utah State University’s Employee Wellness program. He discussed his findings in a campus-wide presentation on avoiding the 12 pounds of Christmas.
The five influences of maintaining a healthy weight include activity, food, behavior, social and stress.
His activity tips include to sneak an activity into your daily routine, stay consistent with your workout routine, sign up for a fitness competition, keep a fitness journal and simply walking.

Bread ‘n’ Soup Night

Bread ‘n’ Soup night kicked off to their best start ever on Nov. 5. Three nights total: Nov 5, 12, 19 were set aside in order to help raise money for the Carbon County Food Bank. This go around, an estimated $3,000 was raised to help local families during the holiday season. There were 20 percent more participants than any previous year. All three of the nights were accompanied with hot food, live music and good company.

Kids @ Heart

Kids @ Heart is one of the SUN Center’s many fun service opportunities. SUN Center leader, Amanda Frame, is over this activity. For this service project, students head to Castle Heights Elementary and play with the students during recess. Frame states “ it’s like reliving the glory days of recess, only we’re ten years older. The kids really look up to us. We’ve made a big difference.”

Pros and cons of living on campus

There are many questions students must ask themselves when going to college including their major, classes, scholarships, financial aid, etc. Another big question they must worry about is where they are going to live. Some students attend a college that is close enough to home, while some choose to live on campus while others choose to live off campus. When trying to make this decision, students should look at the pros and cons of living on or off campus. At USU-Eastern there are many pros, but there are also cons.


Thumbs up for Aggie Ice Cream in the campus store in the JLSC, but thumbs down for having to pay for it. “But it’s still totally worth it,” says SUN Center leader, Jordan Sanders.
Thumbs down for too few garbage cans throughout campus; if garbage cans were more accessible, students would be more likely to throw their trash in the garbage cans rather than on the ground.
Thumbs up to all the free meals provided by the LDS Institute this year, keeping the multitudes fed and happy! Thumbs up for ESA publicity efforts. It’s always fun to walk by Katniss and Chewbacca

On the subject of states leaving the Union

In light of the fervor over the most recent presidential election, petitions have been drawn up requesting the president elect and executive administration consider letting any state able to acquire 25,000 digital signatures by Dec. 11, to secede from the union.
The petitions, available at, offer the states peaceful withdrawal from the union, as per the mandate in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence and the right of the governed to abolish and create a new government if the current powers infringe on human rights.

10-study tips for the insane

With final exams just around the corner for millions of college students, I have slapped together what I believe to be the most exam-tacular preparation tips those spoon-fed ivory tower eggheads have ever seen. If you are one of those sneering, liberal elites, you can choose to follow this advice to the letter, and don’t get seven A’s and a handshake from the mayor.