June 13, 2024

Gochis discusses his plans

This archived article was written by: Emily Williams Matt Gochis has some big plans for…

This archived article was written by: Emily Williams

Matt Gochis has some big plans for next year. As student body president 2012-2013, he is excited to see some big changes happen at this school. Ultimately, his goal is to increase involvement and motivate the student body to make their college experience the best it can be. Gochis has several strengths and unique attributes that he will use to initiate the change he wants to see. Interestingly enough, Gochis has never served in a leadership position before. He sees this as a strength, because he looks at the school through the perspective of the everyday student, and he will have fresh approaches to problems on campus.
The biggest problem that Gochis will focus on next year is student involvement. He believes that school spirit is really suffering, and that students who become more involved will have more fun. Gochis came to this school alone. He did not have a group of friends that he went to high school with so he had to branch out. As he got involved in sports, and put forth the effort to make new friends he says that he really feels like he has a family here. He wants every student here to feel like this campus is their home, where they can have fun, and feel the support that they need to succeed.
One way the Gochis plans to encourage students to become involved is through clubs. He feels clubs are underutilized on campus. Gochis wants each department to have a club that the students can have some extracurricular fun with. With more emphasis on clubs that relate to certain areas of study, students might be more motivated to join and participate if they are interested in what the club has to offer. Going one step further, Gochis wants to challenge students to get out of their comfort zones once in a while and try something new. Even if a student has never played sports in high school, intramurals is still a great social experience and a chance to discover hidden talents.
Communication is another focus for the new student body president. He plans to spend many hours talking with the student body to discover what they really want on campus. Gochis is very approachable and loves to meet and socialize with everyone. He is planning on visiting classrooms and all of the trade tech programs so he can get to know the entire student body and really make this school accommodate the students. Any suggestions or complaints will be welcomed by Gochis. He says that he needs the students input if he is to be a successful president.
Being student body president is, at times, a daunting task. There is a lot to manage, both in the public eye and behind the scenes. Gochis has been sitting in on the current Eastern Utah Student Association meetings and is learning a lot. He feels this has helped prepare him, and has provided him with ideas for improving the school next year. One point which he wants to address is the allocation of funds to different departments. Each year this is a difficult task, but Gochis is confident that he will thoroughly research each departments needs and divide up the funds objectively.
Gochis has been looking forward with excitement to the beginning of fall semester. He hopes to set the tone for an amazing year with a huge welcome to school activity. He wants every student to start next year off with the mindset that it will be their best year yet. Gochis promises to be working hard to improve the school in every way he can. Dances and other activities will be given special attention. Next year will be full of a lot of changes, for the better. Gochis is motivated to improve campus life and the student experience. Each student must do their part too. Gochis asks that the student body invest themselves in this school as well. A campus is nothing without it’s students. Next year will be full of exciting changes, and Gochis will create an opportunity for the students to make this school a great place to be.