May 11, 2021

Day: January 31, 2013

Name that film

Name that film!

1. “We got no food, no jobs…our pet’s heads are falling off!”

2. “You wear too much eye make up. My sister wears too much. People think she’s a whore.”

3. “Brothers don’t shake hands, brothers gotta hug.”

4. “I think I was in love once. She was Brazilian, or Chinese or something weird. I met her in the bathroom of a K-mart and we made out for hours. Then we parted ways, never to see each other again.”

5. “Cyclops there…Cyclops there…Cyclops there…turrets…moon buggies…OH MY HOLY CRAP! Surveillance does…I hate those.”

After 30 years, athletes/students get to ride in comfort

After two years of searching, Utah State University Eastern has a new Eagle Bus for transporting and advertising the campus community.
For more than 30 years, USU Eastern athletic teams have been traveling to their games and tournaments in a 1981 MCI C9 bus. This bus did not have enough seating for both male and female teams, despite having had the restroom removed to augment the seating capacity. With 400,000 miles, the C9 was well past its prime and in need of a replacement.

Coach says she’s one hell of an athlete

Standing five-feet, nine-inches tall, shooting guard, Amy Arbon, is a leader both on and off the court for the USU Eastern lady Eagles this season. Arbon is a returning starter and a major asset to the team. Her favorite aspect about playing basketball is the almost instant friendships that generate between teammates and coaches.

Forgetable road trip, better at home

The USU Eastern women’s basketball team hit a wall on the road, dropping two games by 18 points each, but redeemed themselves when they came home the following week and won by 38 and 16 points. The roadblock started against North Idaho College on Jan. 17.
Gabriela Borges had a phenomenal game hitting 100 percent of her field goals and scoring 16 points. Amy Arbon led the team in scoring with 20 points. The two scored 36 of the team’s 49 points.

Miles and Miles

Travon Langston
sports writer
[email protected]
Having family who either played in professional sports or are playing in professional sports may be a factor in Miles Gatewood’s athletic ability. Gatewood is from Portland, Ore. He has one brother that is a freshman in college and also plays basketball. He lives with his mother, Janice, and his father, Gary.

The Super“Baugh” Features the Har”Bowl” Brothers

Super Bowl Sunday falls on Feb. 3, this year and for most people the party planning has already been set in stone for the last couple of days. People have their chips and dips ready as well as the many beverages, entrees, sides and much more. For most families and friends the Super Bowl is just the last game of the year, 60 minutes to see who will be crowned champion for the year. But for Jack and Jackie Harbaugh it is a different story.

“When it rains, it pours”

Suffering a combined 91-point loss over the Jan.17-19 weekend, the USU Eastern men’s basketball team desperately needed a win over Colorado Northwestern last weekend and finally squeezed a six-point victory over the SWAC cellar dwellers. Northern Idaho defeated the Eagles by 27 points, 71-44. CSI continued the blowout by scoring 103 points to EU’s 39, and winning by 64 points. The sole win came at home with a 78-72 victory over CNCC.

How to stay safe on campus

This Christmas, I received an unusual gift: pepper spray. At first, I was confused why my parents felt the need to give me this weapon of self-defense while I was going to school in Price. I had always felt comfortable in this small town and never questioned my safety while living here. Three weeks later, there was another shooting- this time at a Texas community college. I now understand my parents’ reasoning more fully: no school is immune from violence, no matter how perfect everything appears to be.

Jump at every opportunity, every chance to try something

Kevin Hurst is the admission’s advisor in enrollment services at USU Eastern. He earned his associate’s degree at Weber state and his bachelor’s from the University of Utah in exercise and sports science. Hurst received his masters from the University of Central Missouri in college student personnel administration (CSPA). He arrived at Eastern last August.

SUNny opportunities

USU Eastern’s Serving Utah Network Center is involved in the success of USU Eastern Price campus students in more ways than many students realize. The SUN Center does not only provide volunteer service opportunities for students, but also provides service-learning class credit. They also work alongside professors to provide service-learning components within classes. Often students do not take advantage of these opportunities because they do not know what they are and what is beneficial about them.

Winners of the USU Eastern Statewide High School Art Competition

High school art students from Logan to Pleasant Grove were the top winners in the ninth annual USU Eastern Statewide High School Art Competition.
Best of show went to Katie Wishart of Copper Hills High School for her acrylic painting titled “Teeming Abyss.” The first place winner was McKlean Killpack of East High School for her watercolor titled “Pete’s Brother,” second place went to Parker Peterson of Pleasant Grove High School for his ceramic jar titled “Big Jar,” and third place went to Cheyenne Bee of Logan High School for her photo of the “Leaf.”

Book Review: And Then There Were None

 Mystery, murder and mayhem are thrown into a suspenseful jumble in Agatha Christie’s best selling detective novel “And Then There Were None.”
Ten guests are invited to relax on a desolate island owned by a millionaire. When the guests arrive, their host is gone, but the guests are welcome to make themselves at home.

A comedy about a four-letter word

The comedy-romance “Almost Maine” is premiering in the next two weeks and Director Morgan Lund explains his part in the play at USU Eastern.
“Grady [McEvoy] asked me to submit some plays,” Lund began. “I submitted ‘Almost Maine’ because I just love it…One of the most difficult things we have to do in life is create relationships. And relationships based on love are the most important things in our life, whether we know it or not. It’s not money, it’s not a career, it’s love. We forget how important love is in our lives.”

A shattered life

Long after the warrior comes home, the war still rages within him. Whatever he may have seen or caused is compounded deep inside him. It affects his loved ones most. He doesn’t always see the pain he is inflicting or the consequences of his actions. Above all else, he is trying to deal. Deal with the screams, the blood, the terror, inflicted by both him and the enemy. Nobody understands that he is fighting to stay alive. He is raging a war within himself, with the beast that he had become. People sit and silently judge him because he won’t leave the house or the TV for that matter.


Thumbs up
• The Golden Grille at USU Eastern is what is buzzing in Price! The great breakfast sandwiches they serve in the morning along with the burritos and also the French toast is top of the line. The breakfast hours are from 8-10:30 a.m. Other than the breakfast, The Golden Grille also serves cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, subs, and quesadillas which come in steak and chicken. If you have not experienced this great food you need to before it is too late. The Grille is easily the best food around Price!