June 18, 2021

Day: March 21, 2013

The end of the road . . .

Women lose to Snow College
Jordan Weihing
sports writer
[email protected]
After defeating Snow three times during the SWAC season, USU Eastern women’s basketball team found themselves on the bottom of the score at the regional tournament in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.
Hailee Parry lead the team in scoring dropping 12 points. Right behind her was Amy Arbon with 10 points and nine rebounds.
Eastern dominated defensively causing Snow to turn the ball over 20 times. Arbon lead that attack with six steals.

Who’s on the “injured list?

Who’s on the “injured list?”
Kameron King
sports writer
[email protected]
Many athletes prepare and get pumped for season, but as most know, athletes get injured while preparing for their season. Athletes hate getting injured, but also love pushing themselves and realize injuries come and go.

Moving on up

With the NBA conference finals around the corner, it’s crunch time. All teams in the East and the West are feeling the pressure, competing for one of the 16 spots for playoffs.
The Los Angeles Lakers came into the season with a championship mentality. Just acquiring all stars and possible future Hall of Fame players like Steve Nash, two time MVP, eight all-star appearances; and Dwight Howard, three time NBA defensive player of the year; the Lakers had a chance of another title.

Breaking records, topping the leader boards

 This past week, two members of Eastern’s baseball team had outstanding performances. Joe Barta joined past Eagles in the record books and Chance Abrath jumped to the top of the list in their respective areas of the game.
Let’s talk about Barta’s performance first as he was wheeling and dealing from the bump over the weekend. The Dawson Bucs never saw it coming as Barta stepped onto the mound on Saturday’s morning game after having seen the Bucs four times earlier that week. But what took place you couldn’t have dreamt up; Barta would go on to retire 15 of the Bucs on strike-outs.

“All my hard work has paid off”

For those people that know the game of basketball, it is obvious that the point-guard position is possibly the most important position in the game. They not only need to be quick, have ball-handling skills and smart, but they also need to be a leader. Let’s just say it isn’t the easiest position and Sarah Fletcher has been a point-guard her entire life.

Unleash the madness

Last Sunday, March 17, the selection committee released their selections for March Madness 2013. The No. 1 overall team was given to the Louisville  Cardinals, much deserved of the spot, the Cardinals had their way with many of the teams in their conference this year as they went on to win the Big East championship over Syracuse by 17 points. The Cardinals are joined by Kansas, Gonzaga and Indiana as the one seeds for the NCAA tournament. 

Makin’ History

During spring break while everyone headed home or on vacation, Eastern baseball was welcoming the nice spring weather with a few weeks packed with great games. The Golden Eagles played games against the Utah All-Stars, Weber State Club team, Salt Lake Community College, and also their most recent games against Dawson. Out of the 16 games played, The Eagles walked away with 13 wins and three losses.

SUN, fun, success at Breakaway 2013 in SE Utah

Twenty-four students from USU Eastern opted to spend their spring break in the sun in Southern Utah, doing service rather than basking and playing in the warm weather. Titled Breakaway, the SUN Center’s alternate spring break, was organized and lead by Caitlin Patterson, and was able to reach three different locations during the week.
The SUN Center took a group of four students to Shiprock, N.M., a group of eight students to Navajo Canyon, and 12 students to Navajo Mountain, both by the Utah/Arizona border.

Finding solutions to problems is his forte

Fixing problems and finding solutions to difficult problems is what Grady McEvoy loves to do and his job as stage technician gives him plenty of opportunities to do so. After working in theatre for 25 years at the USU Eastern theater department, McEvoy is taking advantage of early retirement options and focusing on taking life one step at a time.

The difference between good leaders and great ones

The first time I met Section Chief “Chief” Anthony Norwood, I was placed into his squad as an augmentee. I was a chemical guy placed in a squad of artillery guys. I felt out of place from the second I got there, but Norwood saw me as just another soldier and utilized me as such.
I always knew he was a good leader. He was confident and charismatic. He had a way of motivating soldiers like no one I have ever met. With Norwood by your side, there was absolutely no way you could fail.

Spirit of Aloha awards

During fall semester 2012, the residential life staff held nominations for the Spirit of Aloha. These nominations were made by USU Eastern students. This is a special award given to individuals who have made a difference at USU Eastern. The five categories: student leader, staff, faculty, student and community member. With several individuals nominated in each category.
For the student leader nominations there was Emma Rowley, SUN Center; Emily Williams, ESA; Lindly Fernandez, SUN Center and residential life; Kelly Winterton, ambassador and Rachel Naylor, SUN Center.

Book Review: Shane

This is for the cowboys and ranchers and everyone looking for a quick western genre. “Shane” is a bar fighting, gun slinging, showdown classic written by Jack Schaefer that begins when a mysterious stranger comes to town. A western classic about a battle for territory and pride, “Shane” is an ultimate tale about the spirit of the West.

Suggestions of how to finish what you start

Chances are, as you are reading this article, you have a project or essay that is due in the future that you have been procrastinating for weeks. You have also likely made many failed attempts at beginning this project, but given up after becoming frustrated and stressed.
Rather than falling into the same predicament next time you are assigned a large assignment, this article will give you tips on how to keep yourself productive and motivated on the task at hand.

Gallery East presents the art of facades

Salt Lake City artist Justin Wheatley finds something arresting and beautiful in facades. Whether it’s an old downtown high-rise building or a quant tract home, Wheatley sees something compelling about their external design. His paintings and multi-media work is featured through April 11 at USU Eastern’s Gallery East on Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Breaking away into a new mode of thought

In one’s life, there are few things that can be said to have changed one’s thinking or altered one’s life, and spring break is not often among the top of the list in most cases.  However, I had the opportunity for two years in a row to be a part of the SUN Center-sponsored Spring Breakaway that helped me, and many others like me, to become more appreciative of what I have and what I have to give.