June 2, 2023

Director of student life resigns

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In an emergency Eastern Student Association meeting on Sept. 16, students were told that Fernando Alcantar, director of student life, leadership and residential life, resigned on the prior Friday and Terry Johnson, would take over student life and SUN Center.
According to Johnson, “Fernando has been looking elsewhere for other employment. This is nothing to do with the dislike of the school. Whatever the reason, he chose to look elsewhere for employment.”
He submitted his resignation on Friday, Sept. 13 to the administration. “Let’s not perpetrate any assumptions about what this is about,” Johnson told the students. The facts are: 1-He is looking for other employment. 2-He submitted a letter of resignation. 3-His office is cleared out and he left a note of appreciation.
“He did his best and did a great job. We love him and respect him for that,” Johnson added. Remember, “We don’t know all the facts.”
The Associate Vice Chancellor for Price Campus Operations, Alex Herzog, asked if Johnson would take over student government.
Johnson told the students, “I will do it because I love these students. I don’t want to see you guys without an advisor.” He will have to split time between the SUN Center and student government
Johnson reminded the students of the old adage, “The only constant in life is change.”
His leadership style will be “laisse-faire. I’m not the student leader here. You guys are…I’m going to let you do what you think is best to do.”
He asked the students for their mission statements for this year. Student Body President Luke Madsen said, “Make the school bigger, better, brighter…We must be an example, be the voice of the students, make a better school.”
“There are two critical things that need to happen in life: knowledge we gain while in life and how you use that knowledge to develop relationships with people,” Johnson explained.
He felt humbled to fill in the position until they can find a replacement for Fernando.

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