December 9, 2023

The evolution of USU Eastern’s library


This archived article was written by: Nate Manley

USU Eastern’s library is coming closer to aligning with Utah State University, and moving into the modern age. The merger of 2011 perpetuated the funding, resources and necessity for upgrades.
During the current phase of installing an automatic fire extinguishing sprinkler system, asbestos was discovered in the ceilings pipes. This unforeseen problem slowed the project down due to removal of the harmful mineral, but allowed the time needed for surveying the library as a whole.
Along with the sprinkler system, Eastern’s librarian, Lori Brassaw, has addressed other problems and solutions with Chancellor Joe Peterson and USU facilities, to ensure student’s success.
Such solutions include stabilizing the temperature with an upgraded heating and cooling system, new carpet, fresh paint, securing bookshelves from floor to ceiling and various infrastructure upgrades.
Ultimately, the decision was made to tackle all of the construction needs at one time.
Brassaw is most enthusiastic about the next phase with emphasis on remodeling the periodical area. She has been working with a professional interior designer, Jared Leatham, from USU to create a modern look for the library.
Although the process to entirely transform the library will take years to complete, students can expect big changes in the periodical area within the semester. New collaborative workspaces will be installed, along with new electronic technologies, such as a kwikscan, for student use to help them with photocopying needs, giving students a much needed work area.
The goal for Brassaw and other Eastern faculty and staff, is to make the library more accessible and welcoming to students. When students utilize the resources in the library, their academic success increases. The Library is focusing it’s efforts on creating a conducive environment for student learning.