January 28, 2023

Play with all your heart

This archived article was written by: Rachel Scoggins

Krista Hamilton, a Century High School graduate from a class of 150, is from Blackfoot, Idaho. She is one of two children and has a 24-year-old brother. She came to USU-Eastern to try the college experience and to continue her schooling. Like many freshmen this year she is enjoying the new experience. From the residence halls to the cafeteria, she is learning many new ideas and traditions of the USU campus. She also enjoys how everyone is “chill” and how they are approachable and easy to talk too.
Her hometown of Blackfoot is a small town where everyone knows everyone. It sounds a lot like Price, but it mainly consists of farmers and crops… that’s probably why it is known as the largest potato industry in the world. The total population is 11,899 people. She grew up on a farm so she understands what hard work is, everyday she had a certain routine that needed to be done.
Throughout her high school experience, Hamiton participated in basketball, soccer, track, and softball. One of the benefits from living in a small town, she was allowed to do and experience all these sports. In high school, she played any position that the coach told her to do.
During the spring she decided to come to USU Eastern to tryout for the basketball team. Now she is a part of this year’s 2013 team. She is a 5-foot 11-inch post player and she plays with heart. She loves the game and is glad she decided to tryout for the team.
Everyone on the team is excited for the season to start. A lot has changed for this year’s goals for the new basketball season, because a whole new offense and defense has been put into action.
The reason for the change in Coach Dave Paur’s words, “we will not lose 60-65,… if we do lose, it will be 90-100.” The team’s goals is to shoot 90 shots and for at least half of them to be three-pointers. The team has to try and get 30 turnovers, and they constantly have to be pushing the ball up and down the court faster than the other team. With the new style of ball there will be more entertainment for anyone who will be watching and it will be at a quicker pace compared to the past.
The games don’t start until Oct. 18, at a tournament in Salt Lake City; and they don’t stop until the end of February for the region tournament held at Snow College. This will be the first time the Lady Eagles will tryout the new offenses and defenses.

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