June 14, 2024

Basketball’s Todd Helgensen


This archived article was written by: Krista Hamilton

Todd Helegensen went to high school in Kaysville, Utah, at Davis High School, graduateing in 2008. The town is small but surrounded by bigger cities and in his opinion, there isn’t a lot to do.
They would invent fun things to do such as: coffee creaming cars, wakeboarding, snowboarding, and deer stacking (which is where you stack the Christmas reindeer on top of each other in people’s yards).
Helgensen went on a mission to Southern Chile to teach people and penguins, in Oct. 2009.
When asked about his most memorable events about his mission, he listed off a few things. “It rained a lot and had a lot of wind. The wind would get close to 50-60 mph. The people were way nice and being there just made me realize how lucky we are to live in the United States, it gives you a whole new
perspective on things.”
When he came back from his mission in Nov. of 2011, he didn’t have plans to play college ball. He had a close friend who played for USU Eastern a few year’s back and when he came to one of his friend’s game, he decided that he wanted to play.
He made the team as a freshman and is now a sophomore at Eastern.
“My favorite thing about basketball is the competition. It’s so much fun to have a challenge and to work harder so we get better for the next team we play. It’s also a lot of fun to be on a team and to be able to travel around with them, they become like a second family.”