May 24, 2024

Everything needed to know about fall intramural sports

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Intramural sports is an opportunity to play sports in a laid back, friendly atmosphere. The games happen every Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. Here are the sports and all the information you need to know to participate:
On the first day of each sport, a sign up sheet is available where you can register your team. There is only one rule for registering teams; each team must have at least one female. It’s intramural sports, which means that males and females are playing the sport together.
If you don’t have a team show up, come anyway because there will be a lot of people there who need to fill up their team roster and would love to have you on their team. So just show up and talk to the registration desk and they will find a place for you.
Now you are probably wondering what happens if you can make it to the first day and you miss registration. Don’t worry. Show up on the second day or even the third day, it doesn’t matter. If you come the intramural sport and talk to Shantaya Strebel or email her at [email protected], she will sort it out for you and make sure you have an opportunity to play.
Each sport will have a single-elimination tournament. The winning team receives champion T-shirts as well as having their team picture put up on the wall in the BDAC.