July 22, 2024

USU Eastern needs more clubs

This archived article was written by: Shadayah Jones

What do health, fishing, improv, Frisbee golf and body building all have in common? These are all names of clubs that are at USU Eastern. There are a total of ten clubs on campus which consists of psychology, swing dance, pre-health, fishing, zombies vs. humans, criminal justice, Black student union, Frisbee golf, improv and body building.
A few steps need to be taken to start a club on campus. Anyone who is interested in creating a club must go to the Eastern Student Association office located upstairs in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center. There they will need to pick up a club packet which allows them to charter their club. This must be done each semester. Clubs must have at least three-active members and an adviser. Lastly, each club must be recognized by Andi Vuksinick, clubs representative for ESA.
Each semester, clubs are expected to follow the ESA club handbook and code of conduct, meet weekly or bi-weekly, create and participate in at least one service project each semester through the Serving Utah Network and must have a delegated member attend club council meetings.
Although anyone can start a club on campus, there are not many clubs this year. At the first of the year, many students showed interest in creating a club at the Involvement Fair, but unfortunately only a few met the requirements. Vuksinick explains, “I think people get excited and come up with great ideas for clubs, but are not so enthusiastic a few weeks later.”
She believes that clubs are a great way to meet new people who have the same interests. “It is a chance to get out and be social with other students on campus.”
Vuksinick and the club members will host a big event for students later this semester. This is an opportunity for the students to see all of the clubs that are available on campus and hopefully join or create a club.