September 29, 2022

Q & A: Brasil’s Victor Machado

This archived article was written by: Jaleni Neely

Q- What are some of your goals in life?
A- Get my education in the U.S. and try to play professional basketball around the world. 

Q- What are some things that distract you from your goals?
A- Doubts and negative people around me.

Q- What’s the one good thing everyone says about you? 
A- I think it is my work ethic and dedication for what I want to do. 
Q- What’s the biggest regret of your life so far?
A- Not giving all I got for my national team.

Q- What is the one thing you are most proud of in life?
A- Dedicate myself so much for basketball and my education. 

Q- As far as your life goes, what are your plans after getting your education here at USU Eastern?

A- I want to play Division 1 basketball and finish my education.

Q- What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made? Would you make it again?
A- Moved to U.S. to live far from my family. I would make it again no matter how many times I have to for my dreams. 

Q- If you were not playing basketball, what other sport would you play? Why? 
A- I would try to play soccer or handball. Because soccer is the first sport in Brazil, and I had played handball for a while and my brother played for our national team. I really like handball. 

Q- Do you forgive others easily or do you hold grudges?
A- I do forgive people really easily, more than I should I guess. 

Q- When someone sees you coming down the hall, what’s the first thing they notice about you?
A- I think they notice that I am not American. I don’t really know, I have never seen myself coming down the hall.

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