April 17, 2024

Elevated Transit

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Students without transportation to the Wasatch Front or Southern Utah will now have available daily bus transportation that begins in Blanding and continues to a Salt Lake City hub or the Salt Lake International Airport.
The bus service, Elevated Transit, will run a daily route from Blanding to SLC with stops in Monticello, Moab, Green River, Price, Spanish Fork, Provo and SLC. The bus then returns to Blanding on the same route.
Cost of the transportation is contingent upon the start and final destination. For instance, a one-way trip from Provo to the airport is $22. A one-way trip from Price to the airport is $44. A one-way trip from Blanding to the airport is $85. An added feature of the daily route is a USU Eastern student can take the bus from campus to the Price Walmart and back to campus for $5.
According to the Elevated Transit website, the company completed a beta test on the routes from Aug. 12-14 with free rides. “Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis, no ticket or reservation needed.
“If you plan to connect to Greyhound, you must purchase a ticket from Greyhound’s website or a Greyhound ticket location.”
Elevated Transit is also planning a Richfield to SLC route to begin in mid-September. According to the website, the ticket system is in the test phase right now and the stops are available.”
The company hopes to be the “state of Utah’s choice transportation provider, connecting central Utah communities to Salt Lake and Utah counties. Our mission is to provide safe, comfortable transportation.”
For additional information see elevatedtransit.com/