July 14, 2024

Hey vets, you’re not alone


This archived article was written by: Christopher Palo

In America today there is quite a bit of talk against veterans, people who understand what it means to give to something greater than themselves. You might feel as if you are alone. You might feel like no one cares about the pain and hardships you endured. You might feel that it was all for naught. I am here to tell you that at least in our tiny corner of this great country, you are not alone.
There are people and programs that are grateful for what you did. You did a tremendous service to your country and the people in it. You picked up the torch and carried on where your forefathers left off. You stood at the mouth of Hell and fended off tyranny for one more generation. The country is indebted to you. People care about you and what you did and are willing to listen and help you.
People like Darrin Brandt, LCSW, a gentle giant of a man with a wondrous sense of humor and a heart the size of America itself. For the last two years, Brandt has been my closest confidant and one of my best friends. He is always there to listen and talk and support any endeavor you might wish to achieve. I asked him, why he was so adamant on helping vets and he said,” I did not serve, the least I can do is help vets.”
His selfless ethos to make your transition and life as easy and fulfilling as possible is on par with the values we held true with the military. He assists with therapies such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy, motivational therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The best thing about Brandt is his acceptance, acceptance of you and what you have done for this great country. He strives to normalize you and your life and let you know that you are great and wonderful and loved.
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