March 1, 2024

#USUEastern Instagram Insanity

This archived article was written by: Bonnie Blackburn

Universities across the nation are using Instagram as a platform to promote their campus and USU Eastern is no an exception. In a digital world, reaching people through social media is enjoyable and effective. Why, of all the social media sites, is USU Eastern choosing to push Instagram as an outreach to students?
Admissions advisor and recruiter Augustin “Tino” Diaz says, “Because people are so visual, it is easy to enjoy seeing and connecting to images.” Instagram shares photos that can be liked, commented on and linked through hashtags (#) directily from almost any smart phone.
Instagram serves two vital functions for USU Eastern. Firstly it is a way to reach out to prospective students, showing them what the college experience is like at Eastern. This can be a powerful recruiting tool. Secondly, it is for the students already here. Instagram can be a way for students to share their experiences, know about and support each other’s interests, events and involvement.
USU Eastern’s Instagram has 206 followers and posts are constantly being added which shows that students are active and excited. The usueastern page says “We are Utah’s only comprehensive regional college and the fastest growing institution in the state! We bring the WELCOME to change. #GoldenEaglePride”
The SUN Center has also jumped onto this opportunity and students can see and know about service going on throughout campus. Follow them at #usueasternsuncenter.
Instagram markets the institution as well as connects current students. Diaz continues, “we want to make it a culture” which will make everyone’s contribution significant. When everyone jumps on board, including faculty and staff, there is potential for great things.
The Welcome Center is looking forward to organizing Instagram photo contests, contests such as #easterngroupie that took place during orientation. Now nature or scenic views associated with eastern are being shared through #essenceofeastern.
USU Eastern is excited to be hashtagging and encourages students, faculty and staff to follow #usueastern on Instagram.