March 1, 2024

Healthy living from the unhealthy


This archived article was written by: Morgan Verdi

The wonderful world of college, the freedom, the friendships and, of course, the dreaded freshman 15. We’ve all heard of it. We’ve all feared it, and now it’s instantly upon us. Now, this isn’t to say everyone that comes to college gets a major case of depression and stress plus gets fat, but how do students stay healthy when they barley have time to think?
Step into my office my friends and let’s take a look through the eyes of S’morgan. A healthy lifestyle starts with what we put into our bodies. For college students, one of the biggest culprits is soda drinking and energy drinks. They may be a sugary wonder, they may give us the needed boost that we need to make it through the day, but if we want to feel healthier, soda and energy drinks have to take the back seat.
According to WebMD Rachel K. Johnson, RD, PhD, MPH, a professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont and an American Heart Association spokeswoman, served on the American Heart Association’s 2009 panel that recommended limiting added sugars, including those in drinks.
Johnson says she does not believe the science linking sodas to obesity and other health issues has been misrepresented or over-reported. “I don’t think anyone would say that limiting sugar-sweetened drinks is the only solution,” she says. “But to me, it is an important step in the right direction.”
College students are notorious for junk food. It’s quick and fast, but it’s also unhealthy. It often times leaves us feeling sluggish, tired and sometimes sick to our stomachs.

So the first step in living a healthier lifestyle is monitoring what goes into our bodies. I know healthy eating isn’t easy and sometimes it’s expensive, but look around. Check Pinterest for cheap and healthy options; you may be surprised what you find. Be dedicated if you want to change your eating habits. It’s going to take hard work, but isn’t feeling good worth the effort?

The next thing is working out. I know that college students have no time, but working out doesn’t mean spending hours at the gym. It could be 10 minutes in the morning before we jump in the shower. Doing something like 10 pushups, 20 crunches, 20 squats and running in place for a minute can get a person on the right track.

Now, if you are a go-getter, students get a free membership at the B DAC, so take advantage of it. Working out could mean making time. Again it’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Maybe that hour that you would normally spend watching TV could be used to jog around the track. Even small things like parking farther away from classes, or talking the stairs instead of the elevator can make all the difference.

Now I won’t sit here and pretend I’m the healthiest person around. I’ve got a long way to go until I can claim the “healthy lifestyle,” but that’s okay. I want to feel better when I wake up in the morning. I want more energy and in order to do that, I’m taking my own advice. Healthy living to the unhealthy through the eyes of Smorgan.