April 17, 2024

Letter to the Editor

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USUE Baseball Angels

Dear editor, 
I had pleaded on Facebook for some strong men to come help pull out sheetrock, paneling, wood, nails, doors and all the items in our basements that had been destroyed from the flood on Saturday night, Sept 27. 
On Monday, the 29, I was taking a break at the food tent when I looked up and there I seen a band of Angels coming my way. Coach [Scott]Madsen led these fine young men right to me. They asked what they could do. I sent them to all of my family’s homes and those affected by the storm. 
These young men dug in the mud, pulled off sheetrock, pushed mud and water from lawns, patios and basements, hauled garbage up the stairs, pulled out muddy messes and just lent a hand to those in need. They were so supportive and helpful. We never did hear them complain. They just put on a smile and asked what they could do.
When they got done at one home they would come to me and ask where they could go next. I will forever be grateful to these fine young men. I wish I had a picture of the group of them coming down the road because it took my breath away. I stood there in tears and amazed at their kindness. They were there when we needed them the most. They will always be my “USUE Baseball Angels”….
Laurie Branch Mundell