June 13, 2024

Mills-Bishop takes charge of USUE dining services


This archived article was written by:

Morgan Verdi
editor-in-chief [email protected]
Gillan Mills-Bishop is USU Eastern’s new director of food services. When you first meet him you can catch a slight accent that’s because Bishop is originally from Scotland. He came to the U.S. eight years ago.
He said, “I came here because I served an LDS mission down in Johannesburg, Africa, and one of my mission companions who lives here in Price was getting married, so I came for his wedding. When his bride moved out, it left a spot open in her house and her parents invited me to come stay with them and I did.”
Bishop came to school at USU Eastern, which was College of Eastern Utah at the time, and studied criminal justice. In 2006 he transferred to Utah Valley University and was there during its transition from UVSC to UVU.
After school, he got tied up in work, mainly doing retail-loss prevention. He worked for Wal-Mart and was sent to Reno, Nev. He was in Reno for five years.
Bishop said, “My wife and I have always been looking in our rear view mirror so to speak, to see if a position would open up in Price. We wanted to work our way back here because my wife is originally from Price. That’s what kind of brought us back. We were able to come back when a position opened and I was working for another retailer here in Price.
“When the spot opened up as director of food services, it was the right fit. I like it because it gives me a lot more of a work-life balance. I get to be home with my family more and spend time with them.”
Bishop has plans for the cafeteria. He wants to bring the budget back in line, that way the cafeteria will run smoothly more efficiently. This will enable Bishop to move forward with other hopes that he has for food services, which include providing new options for students, faculty and staff.
He also hopes to introduce healthier options for students and make the food plans work for everyone. Bishop hopes to one day be in charge of not only the cafeteria but the concession stands as well. He wants to introduce more options, that way people have more choices when they attend the games. He also talked about the idea of doing healthy smoothies at the BDAC in the mornings.
Bishop has some great ideas for the cafeteria and he looks forward to being able to put these ideas into action to benefit everyone at USU Eastern.