April 20, 2024

How to use imagination and faith to get your desires


This archived article was written by: Jesse Malan

Dreams are almost useless unless turned into a reality. Imagination can make beautiful structures, successful businesses or make our deepest dreams come true. Imagination, mingled with faith (belief put into action), is what makes dreams come to life. I will prove this and all the principles from past articles with a true story that happened to someone I know.
There wass this young lady who was in love with a young man. They dated in high school, then broke up. It was a hard time for both of them.
The young man graduated then traveled to a faraway land while the young lady finished her last couple of years of high school and started college. She was a pretty woman, and many guys asked her out on dates. She went on those dates, but couldn’t get the young man from high school out of her mind, even though a few years passed. She tried to shut thoughts of him out of her mind and even tried to force herself to like some of her other suitors. However, that was not what she wanted. Deeply inside, she longed for the young man from high school.
Soon, the time came for the young man from high school to return home from his two-year journey. She learned this from her brother, who happened to be good friends with the young man. Her brother looked forward to the young man coming home too, as friends like to reunite.
The young man came home and this young lady’s brother, cousin and others went to his welcome-home party. This young lady, however, did not.
Three weeks went by, and she thought the young man had no interest in her, but she had an interest in him. She wanted to “test” the waters a little before deciding to move on or not, but she didn’t quite know how.
Her brother knew of her attraction to the young man from their previous days in high school. He asked if she still liked him.
What was she to do? Tell her brother no? That would seem logical because she could’ve been openly ridiculed or made fun of for loving someone who didn’t love her back. But this young lady had desire, and faith, to give it one more try. To test the waters, risk her heart to possible heartbreak and see if she could light that flame of love back into her desired man’s heart.
So, instead of just sitting around and hoping somehow that this young man would catch interest in her and maybe court her again, she and her brother devised a plan.
Her brother had a date that night and offered to invite the young man to double with him. The young man would certainly have to find a date he could bring along for the double. Here is the catch, the wisdom of this experiment:
The young man had only been home for three weeks and worked for a construction company immediately when he returned. The company demanded so much of his time that he enjoyed no social life – he had not met any women to begin courting. This young man had dated quite a bit before his two year-journey. It was never hard for him to find a girl to date before, but this was different. Freshly home, he didn’t know anyone and was starving for social attention.
The young lady’s brother called the young man and extended the invitation to go on a double date with him. Of course the young man said he would go, but he didn’t know any single women. He asked the brother if he knew anyone; the brother replied he didn’t. The young man, then, in a little despair, asked if the brother’s sister was single or dating. The brother looked right at his sister, had to hold back a laugh, and said, “I don’t know. You’ll have to call her.” The young man asked for her number and called the young lady.
As this tale would have it, this young man and young lady courted, got engaged and have been happily married for over a year and a half now.
From this story readers can see how desire mixed with faith gained this young lady one of her deepest dreams.
Dreams can become realities. Never mind what peers and others say what can and can’t be done. If one’s heart is in it, faith, diligence and persistence are exercised, then they may well cause a miracle to happen.
This true story illustrates how one woman put the keys of success to work for fulfillment of one of her desires. I know because this young lady is my wife. If these principles worked for her, what can you do?