July 25, 2024

Crooks’ best quality is her height


This archived article was written by: Kyndall Gardner

Playing volleyball for USU Eastern 2014-’15 season, Michaella Crooks is looking forward to the future. Born in Marietta, Ga., and raised in Newnan, Ga., Crooks is 6-foot-5-inches tall; she can reach to the sky. She has a 21-year-old brother named Austin, along with her father and mother, Robert and Carissa. Her favorite color is pink and she enjoys soup and drinks Sprite.
Crooks’ best quality is her height. “I like that I am 6-foot-5 inches because I can use it to my advantage. I can help people get stuff off shelves at stores. It also helps me a lot with sports.” Her favorite thing about herself is that she “can be really goofy and fun and not care what people think.”
After this year, Crooks plans include playing volleyball somewhere else, preferably somewhere in Georgia so she can be close to home and closer to her family. After college she, “plan[s] on majoring in physical education or becoming a flight attendant.”
One of Crooks’ biggest fears is Bees. “Bees are terrifying because they chase after you.”
One of the worst dates Crooks has ever faced was when her boyfriend took her to a sushi place. “It had only been our second date. We were still trying to get to know one another. They gave us an iPad at the restaurant and he just sat there and played on the iPad the whole time. He didn’t even pay attention to me.” Her dream date would be a nice walk on the beach with her toes in the sand and a drink in her hand.
If Crooks only had 24 hours left to live, she would party it up with all her friends. Her most embarrassing moment was when [she] first got here . “I was trying to get to know everyone. I went to chest bump Jasmine Covington; because I am so tall, I ended up hitting my head on the corner of the doorway and it gave me a concussion. My concussion was severe enough that I had to sit out of volleyball for two months to recover.”
One thing that pushes Crooks’ buttons is when she’s tired. “Anything someone says makes me mad when I am super tired.”
The one place Crooks dreams of living would be in Hawaii because there are beaches everywhere. “I am obsessed with the beach.”
When Crooks was young, she would scare her parents. “When I was young I would always scare them. I would hide in the house and jump out and scare my mom. She would always tell me that I will scare her so bad one day, I will give her a heart attack. I still to this day scare them,”
One of Crooks’ hidden talents is, “I am really good at making cookies, even though I burn them every time.”
The best memory that Crooks has made at USU Eastern is, “one night me, Kyndall, Jasmine, Michael and Cole all pulled our mattresses into the living room, stayed up all night and just had one huge sleep over. It was a very fun night.”
Crooks has had a very eventful year at USU Eastern. “I’ve made great friends and have some amazing memories that I will never forget.”